OIC Group obtains ISO 20121 Certification

Partner update
Published on 19 February 2024

OIC Group, a leader in healthcare congress organization, reaches a significant milestone in its sustainability journey by achieving ISO 20121 certification. This accomplishment marks a key step in its ambitious goal of achieving comprehensive, 360-degree sustainability. For OIC, this certification is not just a singular achievement, but a natural progression in its long-standing commitment to responsible event organization, encompassing environmental, social, and economic aspects.

By achieving ISO 20121, OIC seamlessly integrates its sustainability efforts into a broader corporate transformation driven by an unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This philosophy is deeply embedded in every aspect of the organization, making OIC a true leader in responsible business practices.

Simona Giuliani, HR Director of OIC Group, reflects on the steps taken to obtain the certification: “Our journey towards ISO 20121 has been a true testament to our commitment. We engaged all stakeholders in the management and organization of events, and implemented specific actions to reduce environmental impacts and optimize positive outcomes for the community. It is a significant step towards an increasingly sustainable and responsible industry.”

OIC Group charts a groundbreaking course towards sustainable development, aligning its action plan with the UN's SDGs and the rigorous ISO 20121 standard. This commitment isn't mere words; it's a complete overhaul of corporate objectives, exemplified by the strategic move to a new headquarters.

More than just an address change, the new HQ serves as a physical testament to OIC's sustainability crusade. Designed to minimize waste and environmental impact, it pulsates with the energy of an internal revolution. Optimized, collaborative spaces and flexible work arrangements not only fuel business success but also position OIC as a beacon of environmental and social responsibility, both internally and externally.

“Obtaining ISO 20121 certification is a concrete demonstration of our commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Simultaneously, achieving carbon neutrality stands as a fundamental pillar of our integrated sustainability vision. We want to be an example of excellence, actively contributing to the construction of an industry capable of generating an increasingly tangible positive impact,” Concludes Nicola Testai, CEO of OIC Group.

Furthermore, the company has initiated a partnership with Up2You, the greentech B Corp that guides companies through personalized journeys of emission calculation and reduction. This collaboration aims to conduct a thorough analysis of its carbon footprint. Results, based on the standards defined by the GHG Protocol, reveal that in the old headquarters in 2022, the company emitted a total of 188 tons of CO2 through electricity consumption, refrigerant gases, and heating.

In January 2023, OIC Group embraced a long-term vision by developing a carbon offsetting plan. This plan, an integral part of the sustainability strategy, involved both waste reduction and the promotion of green mobility within the organization, as well as the offsetting of unavoidable emissions by financing certified environmental and social protection projects at the international level (Verra Registry and Gold Standard Registry). This initiative officially transformed OIC Group into a “Carbon Neutral Company”, placing it among the rare 1% of Italian companies that have achieved carbon neutrality in the fight against climate change.