The Rise of Streaming the Content of Events 

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Published on 16 May 2019

Over the past few years, the use of live streaming on events has increased exponentially. As technology becomes more readily available, event professionals are now embracing the emerging possibilities that streaming offers and are using these to ensure that their event engages with as many people as possible.

We are seeing more requests for streaming as a key service at Central Hall Westminster. Here are the three most common types of streaming we’ve recently experienced which allow events of all shapes and sizes to reach new and growing audiences all over the world.

Streaming for private member events

Unfortunately, it is fairly common that not everyone will be able to attend a specific event due to geographical distance. Thanks to the possibilities of streaming, those who cannot physically attend are able to still take part. Private streaming allows people from across the globe to be part of an event in real time; all they require is an internet connection and access to the web portal from where the event is being streamed.  In the past year, we have seen a significant increase in the use of this type of streaming at Central Hall Westminster, several AAE seminars hosted at the venue have used this service.  This benefits membership bodies such as the AAE as it can double the size of an audience, enhancing membership, learning and knowledge sharing opportunities. 

Live streaming for public events

Live public streaming allows event organisers to extend the reach and participation for public events. Consumer events such as product launches and press conferences all have the objective to access the largest audience possible; extending well beyond a building’s physical capacity. Therefore, live public streaming allows these events to open up to a whole new audience; engaging larger numbers of potential customers Media channels such as Facebook Live and YouTube have completely transformed live streaming by creating a user-friendly platform to easily and cheaply broadcast any event.

The largest audience Central hall Westminster has streamed live was to over one billion people when the Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi addressed the world from our Great Hall during his visit to London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. This proves the world is your oyster when it comes to live streaming and reaching your potential audience.

Live streaming within a building

Live streaming is not only important in terms of accessing external audiences but can also be extremely practical within the confines of one building.  The technology can be used internally to allow all attendees to experience one particular part of the action, wherever they are. This provides an instant solution to increase the audience for a specific part of an event.

In conclusion, the benefits of live steaming are endless and give the event organiser access to a limitless audience. Current technologies ensure that streaming is simple and easy to use and can be integrated into any event. 


Central Hall Westminster
Central Hall Westminster

The iconic outline of Central Hall Westminster, built in 1912, proudly sits opposite of Westminster Abbey and has easy access to public transport and a range of hotel partners with preferential rates within walking distance. As one of the oldest ‘purpose-built’ Conference Centres in the UK, Central Hall Westminster uniquely fuses historical architecture ‘built for events’ with state-of-the art event technology. The 2,000-seat auditorium of the Great Hall is complemented by an additional 22 meeting and event rooms with high ceilings, large windows. There is a Grand Staircase, marble foyer and galleries that add character and a rare spatial awareness. Top clients include; World Nuclear Association, Association of British Neurologists, British Association of Oral Surgeons and the Soil Association. The venue has also hosted many events of national and international importance. From the Inaugural Meeting of the United Nations in 1946 to full-house conferences, world musicians, globally broadcast sports events, TV shows, concerts and award ceremonies.

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