Vote for the suppliers that supported you most during Covid19 crisis!

Association news
Published on 5 August 2020

The Association of Association Executives has established the award "Best Support by a Supplier during Covid19 crisis" to recognise the supportive approach of suppliers to associations, during these challenging times. 

This award is dedicated to suppliers who, as business partners of associations, have been flexible, communicated well and produced coherent and fair policies for association projects and events that have had to be postponed or cancelled due to Covid19. 

Who can be nominated?

Supplier organisations of all kinds worldwide, which were meant to provide a service, that was postponed or cancelled or similar.

Who can submit a nomination?

Association employees or officers, or representatives of associations in PCOs, AMCs and event management companies. 

How many suppliers can anyone vote for?

There is no limit to the number of suppliers you can vote for, but you can not vote for the same supplier twice, even if they were involved in multiple projects. 

How can I nominate a supplier

Complete the simple online nomination form here >>

How will the winners be determined?

The winner will be determined by a combination of the number of votes and the scoring.

Damian Hutt, the Awards Director and executive head of the Association of Association Executives, said:

"For many years, the AAE has recognised suppliers to associations in their supportive role as "business partners", providing advice and vast experience, as well as the risk-share models they often apply and the investment they make in the success of individual projects and events. I am pleased to be launching this award at this time for our global community of both associations and suppliers, and invite them all to take part."