UK CEO Group launches as the first specialist group of AAE

Association news
Published on 9 July 2020

The UK Association CEO Group is the first of a series of 'Specialist Groups' launched by the AAE. These groups will provide AAE members with a platform to share and learn with the exchange of ideas.

The Groups activities, which are informal, include fortnightly online meetings (each with a specific topic decided by members), a dedicated online discussion forum, and feeding ideas into the work of the AAE.

Members evaluated recent AAE online topic-focused meetings as "very good value and helpful" - learning how others were approaching the various challenges.  With the acceptance and ease of attending meetings online and their proven value, the benefit of these to the group members is certain.

The dedicated discussion forums, using the world-class 'Disqus' tool which is already integrated the AAE website, will enable continuous discussion as-and-when wanted every day.

The groups will be member-led with members proposing the topics and the most needed topics scheduled three meetings ahead.

The UK CEO Group is up and running. Join today and take part in the the next Online Meeting on Tuesday 14 July at 1pm. Email and include two topics you would like discussed.

The Discussion Forum for the UK CEO Group is at the website here.  Members will only receive communicatins to advise the next meeting's topics for discussion. 

There are no obligations attached to group membership!

If you would like to join a Specialist Group, then please email and she will update you on our plans for the next groups.