Three Association experts to run Leaders Symposium on 6-7 December

Association news
Published on 8 October 2021

We are delighted to be working with Glenn Tecker, Michael Anderson and Cheryl Williams of specialist association consultancy Tecker International for our first ever Association Leaders Symposium, that will take place online in December.

If you are an Executive Head, this Symposium is an amazing opportunity to get together with your President / Chair and work with Glenn, Michael and Cheryl who bring unparalleled expertise in association governance and leadership as well as an understanding of the issues facing contemporary membership organisations. You will address:

  • Building a culture of shared understanding and commitment
  • Evaluating working styles and leadership strengths through assessment
  • Establishing a common understanding of roles, responsibilities, and relationships
  • Evaluating critical components of successful leadership, governance, and strategy
  • Identifying essential questions to ask about your association's digital transformation model
  • Outlining governance relationships between association board and staff members
  • Identifying current and anticipated trends facing leaders of contemporary associations
  • Employing the value of research and strategy in knowledge-based decision making
  • Applying successful practices and models to strategic planning and thinking

Together, the speakers, have successfully delivered sessions tailored specifically to the Executive Head and Board Chair / President partnerships for over 25 years in the USA and 20 years in Canada; and individually they have all worked internationally including with European associations.

Can you afford to miss out? Take a look at the programme and more of the huge benefits here >>