The European, International and UK Association Awards are all open for nominations

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Published on 11 February 2021

The AAE is pleased to announce developments and the opening of three Awards Programmes for nominations.

With a very large number of entries received for last year's "International & European Association Awards" and considering the distinct challenges of associations working on an international basis and specifically in the european region, we have decided to separate this into two separate awards from this year: the European Association Awards 2021 and the International Association Awards 2021.

These awards both include a category for National Associations: from within Europe and outside Europe. 

There is a low administration fee of EUR/GBP 75 to enter, which only applies to completed entries.

As always, the categories are chosen in key areas of association development and importance. There are some new categories and the very popular and important category of Best Member Support during Covid19 and Best Online Events categories are included once again.

The Association Awards are open for nominations as follows:

European Association Awards 

International Association Awards

UK Association Awards

All nominations are judged by a judging panel of influential association leaders and specialists, as well as an expert consultant in most categories, all focused on the continuous improvement of associations. 

Interesting projects nominated in the Association Awards are selected for the Association Success Story Programme, where the AAE facilitates the dissemination of in-depth case studies to enable association executives learn from other's experiences to achieve the best results from their projects and developments. 



Anca Urdea
Anca Urdea

Association of Association Executives