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Published on 2 October 2020

Our CEO Group Meetings have been going very well, with 20 for the International CEO meeting this week and 15 for the last UK CEO and Events Meetings.  It seems 15-20 works well on Zoom, and 20 will be our limit for future meetings. 

Our next meeting is on Tuesday for UK CEOs and the core topic is: "Membership engagement"

We have just launched our Asia Leaders Group, after the Asia Association Leaders Summit which took place on Tuesday.

Each Specialist Group, has regularly discussion meetings and a permanent discussion forum at the website.

We are launching our Membership & Engagement Group in November, so if you would like to join this, please email membership.group@associationexecutives.org.


'if you would like us to start another group, please email damian.hutt@associationexecutives.org.