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Published on 12 November 2019

Technology should enable organisations to deliver better value to their members and to increase efficiency. Despite a lack of capable and affordable solutions for small to medium-sized membership organisations and associations, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation to help them thrive. That is, up until last week.

Our partner Pixl8, has launched its new membership platform, ReadyMembership. Our first impression: it is unlike anything else we’ve seen before.

The word ‘platform’ is a pertinent description, as this product isn’t just about a website or a CRM. It is a combination of all the different systems that make up a digital ecosystem, without the drawbacks commonly associated with off-the-shelf solutions.

ReadyMembership comprises CMS, CRM, Email Marketing and Event Management systems - each of them individually powerful. Deployed together, they deliver exceptional functionality at great value.

Being a Pixl8 client ourselves, we understand that one might accuse us of being biased. The reality is, we truly believe that ReadyMembership can change the digital future of many membership organisations and associations.

Let me explain why.

Approaches to digital - so far

Working with Association Executives, we understand that there are two known ways to go about digital.

One approach is to go for very capable systems to make sure you are well placed for future growth. Complex processes can be captured and managed through systems like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, but they come at a high price. Is this price justifiable if only a fraction of the functionality is being used?

The other approach is to focus on the basics and get an affordable solution that does just about what you need it to do. The problem here is that once your needs evolve, things get complicated as you’re faced with rigid limitations within your systems.

What is ReadyMembership?

It's a solution. The unusual degree of flexibility allows organisations to shape it to their needs - in terms of functionality as well as price. Its core elements comprise CMS, CRM, email marketing, event management, and a mobile application.

CMS. Preside CMS is used by over 100 organisations and has been a pleasure to use. Supported by great developers and creative team, it provides extensive possibilities for personalisation along the member journey - which we are excited about as we institute new ideas here at AAE.

CRM. ReadyMembership offers a built-in CRM that delivers all standard functionality required by membership organisations and associations. More complex needs can be covered by its seamless integration with products like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce - maybe further down the line in your path.

Email marketing. MessagePipes is Pixl8’s email solution and is included in ReadyMembership, enabling sending out highly-personalised email campaigns to your members. It synchronises with your CRM to make sure your data is always up to date, whichever CRM you use.

Event management. This is one of our favourites - we use Eventfolio ourselves. It has significantly improved our processes and taken away much of the stress that comes with the onerous administrative tasks involved in coordinating large events. We believe that this is an invaluable component of the ReadyMembership offering. The personalisation in the emails and rules-based functionality takes this system far beyond others I have seen in 33 years in events.

Mobile. For organisations looking to go mobile, ReadyMembership offers a companion app that makes all of its key features easily accessible. With mobile apps reshaping the digital world, having the opportunity to easily jump on the train whenever you like is a great plus. We are implementing this as I write, and lookingforward to this new member service.

Here's a more detailed explaination and some points I haven't covered above. >>

A new paradigm

ReadyMembership offers a new way of looking at your organisation’s digital future. We believe it provides unprecedented opportunities for small to medium-sized membership organisations and associations. Knowing Pixl8’s ambition to always deliver more, we’re excited to see what’s next.


Damian Hutt
Damian Hutt

Association of Association Executives