Pivot your Events to Digital training - AAE Member discount

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Published on 1 May 2020

One of our highest rated speakers and tutors, William Thomson, an experienced event organiser in associations, and currently the head of Gallus Events, has produced a 12 module Online Training Course, to support event organisers.

William has designed this course to ensure that you can focus on how to generate revenue by creating high-value content, connections and coverage with digital events. His vast experience in creating online events and achieving success with delegates and revenue, along with his great tutoring skills and thoroughness, makes this a highly valuable investment.

Modules include:

  • Digital event business models
  • Digital event framework
  • Designing for digital
  • Digital platforms
  • Designing content for digital
  • Supporting speakers to deliver great content
  • Designing connections for digital
  • Desinging coverage for digital
  • Onboarding
  • Creating an engaging online event
  • Creating an interactive digital event
  • Marketing your event

We at AAE do not advise taking short-cuts to pivoting your events to online. Reading articles and webinars are important, but you need training and in-depth advice from a very experienced events expert.

There are various packages available, all of which a member of AAE can get a 10% discount.

AAE Member Discount code: Log in as a member to view the code here.


View all the details of the course at www.pivotyourevent.online