Launch: Event Transformation for Associations

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Published on 19 January 2024
Event Transformation for Associations

AAE launches new Event Transformation training & Certification for Impactful and Commercially Successful Conferences & Events

Association event organisers now have access to a groundbreaking training series designed to revolutionize the way conferences and events are produced. The Event Playbook Masterclasses, based on the Event Transformation Methodology, empowers event specialists to strategically plan and design their events to ensure they deliver maximum impact. By participating in this training, association event specialists can unlock their event's maximum potential for commercial success and achieve their association’s strategic objectives.

Association event organisers are currently facing numerous challenges in the market. Many are grappling with low growth or decline in delegates, reduced commitment from sponsors and exhibitors, and uncertainty surrounding the mix of physical, online, and hybrid events. Additionally, suppliers are presenting more demanding contracts and higher prices. The Event Playbook Masterclasses equips event specialists with the frameworks, blueprints, checklists, other tools and strategies to overcome these challenges and make their events successful.

Launching the Association Event Playbook Masterclass Series is a significant milestone for associations and the events industry. This training enables associations to deliver conferences and events that not only make a lasting impact on delegates, sponsors, and the sector, but also drive commercial success and align with strategic objectives.

In the landscape of event training, the Event Playbook series for associations stands out as the most comprehensive and suitable for conferences and events. While other providers may offer simpler or more general approaches, none address the complexities of large conferences and the intricacies of mapping markets, developing content, attracting sponsors and exhibitors, promoting attendance, and budgeting. With the Event Playbook Masterclasses, associations have the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and elevate their conferences and events to new heights of success.

A major aspect of the series is that events specialists will have the opportunity to become Certified Event Transformation Practitioners. This certification will recognize individuals who have undergone the comprehensive training and have successfully applied the methodology to plan and execute an event. Delegates who complete the training are required to submit their event frameworks and plans within 12 months for verification of the professional application of the methodology.

In summary, the launch of the Association Event Transformation training marks a significant advancement in the event industry. This training empowers association event organisers to deliver impactful and commercially successful conferences and events that align with their strategic objectives. Associations now have the opportunity to transform their events and achieve unparalleled success in a competitive market.

The Event Playbook Masterclass series includes six three-hour online Masterclasses:

  • The Events Strategy Playbook
    Structuring and developing your 3-5 year events strategy to deliver a successful portfolio.
  • The Event Market Mapping Playbook
    Creating a blueprint to shape your marketing, sponsorship and PR execution plans
  • The Event Content Playbook
    9 frameworks and strategies to maximise your event content design and delivery
  • The Event Marketing Playbook
    Creating a blueprint to shape your marketing, sponsorship and PR execution plans
  • The Event Sponsorship Playbook
    6 frameworks, checklists and strategies to achieve optimal sponsor and exhibitor sales
  • The Event Budgets Playbook
    6 models, checklists and frameworks to ensure effective pricing and budgeting for profitable and successful events

View the Event Playbook Masterclass schedule and more information on each here >>

Award-winning events strategist, Sasha Frieze, has distilled over thirty years' and a thousand successful conferences and events’ experience into the Event Transformation Methodology.  Sasha learned her business skills in the commercial conference industry, worked on her first association conference over 23 years ago; has since managed and advised on events for association and other non-profits including the Open Data Institute, United Nations Foundation, British Society for Immunology, Royal College of Anaesthetists, Chartered Institute of Wastes Management.

Sasha has advised on events for media owners including The Guardian, Times & Sunday Times, Incisive Media, Informa and Thomson Reuters. Sasha is a Non-Executive Director of the British Society for Haematology, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and The Royal Society of Arts, is a visiting lecturer in event management at The University of Westminster, London and judges industry awards.


Damian Hutt, Executive Director, Association of Association Executives and Fellow of the Institute of Event Management, said:

"I am delighted to be providing this critical training "Event Playbook Masterclasses" with Sasha's expertise. I worked first with Sasha twenty three years ago when she and I were working on association conferences together.

I have seen Sasha's work and the methodoloy develop over the years and am certain this system is unique and is the most valuable for conferences and events. The training she has developed specifically for associations ensures a portfolio and individual events are hugely successful with the application of what is taught in the Event Playbook Masterclasses."