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Published on 22 June 2022

The Institute of Association Leadership (IAL) is going to be merging into Trade Association Forum (TAF) it has been decided, and a formal announcement has been sent to members. Both of these organisations are UK based, with the TAF solely UK focused, and the IAL with mostly UK members - although it had expanded its international membership last year. 

You may remember that the IAL was until three years ago the "Institute of Association Management". It then spent a brief time under the umbrella of another organisation, and then adapated to be a Community Interest Company for the last three years, with Consort consultancy and its head, as the driving force. Naturally Covid19 has had its toll on all organisations, and the IAL seems to be affected fatally.

The membership of the two organisations are very different in that the TAF has many more members and they are trade associations, when the IAL have much fewer members (apprximately 50) and most are from individual member organisations. There is substantial worry that individual association members will be lost among the trade associations.

How are we different at the AAE? The AAE has a much greater critical mass with over 23,000 people in our community as full members or subscribers in total worldwide, with just over 8,000 based in the UK, and about a third are from Business Member Organisations.

Our offering is ideal for those from all types of associations and societies in that we are much larger, and have two annual congresses (World Congress, UK Congress) and an annual symposium for all. Our monthly Association Leaders Group online meetings provide excellent networking and our Resource Centre a resource of high-value educational and informative content from worldside.

Membership of the AAE is based on contributing and is without a fee (more info here).

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Damian Hutt FIEM
Damian Hutt FIEM

Association of Association Executives