Digital Transformation Guide launched by Pixl8 Group

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Published on 24 March 2021

Pixl8 just launched their new whitepaper “Pixl8’s Guide to: Digital Transformation”. It explores different approaches to deliver effective and lasting transformation and highlights the potential benefits for associations and their teams.

By sharing best practice stories and learning experiences, the Pixl8 team have created a rich resource that will allow you to better understand the role of digital within your organisation and how it can be further leveraged. With contributions from industry experts Chrysalis Digital and RD Mobile as well as Pixl8’s clients, the guide includes a range of valuable perspectives from across the sector.

“2020 has encouraged, provoked and in some cases forced digital change. By creating this guide, we hope to share our ideas and encouragement as to how to embrace and thrive through the use of digital in times of unpredictability.”
Lucy Conlan, Senior Marketing Strategist

With the acceleration of digital there has never been a better time to consider where you are now and where you could go next. Download your free copy of Pixl8’s Guide to: Digital Transformation to get advice and inspiration on delivering transformative digital projects.

Preview of the Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper here >>

About Pixl8

Pixl8 is the go-to creative agency for membership organisations, associations and charities seeking digital solutions that go the extra mile. Over the last 19 years, Pixl8 has grown into an agency that brings together a blend of creative, analytical and technical talent, working across Design, UX and Web Development, Software Development, Project Management, Digital Marketing and Business Development. We have worked with over 200 organisations to build integrated websites, CRMs, bespoke software and more.

Our transparent and collaborative approach has enabled us to build long-standing digital partnerships that continue to add value - that’s why we've worked with several of our clients for over a decade. Our strategic and technical expertise has given our partners the confidence to plan ahead and surpass their digital goals.

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