Coaching - Tricky times require magic

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Published on 28 January 2021

The AAE's Executive Coach, a specialist for association leaders, invites you to consider investing in yourself.

We’re in tricky times. We have been for a while now. It seems as though things won’t be back to normal for a while and even then, the normal we step into may well be different from what we’d known before.

How are you? How’s your leadership holding up? How are you showing up for your team, your members, your board and the wider community? And is this leading to the action that will enable you, your people and your organisation to make it through these tricky times? Things might be going well and you want to keep them that way. Or perhaps you’re facing things for which there are no easy answers. And some situations that are downright impossible.

The magic I would like to invite you to seek exists in taking an opportunity to uncover possibility. The possibility that comes from a willingness to explore, to be listened to and to hear yourself clearly. And to be given the space to find ways forward, however bleak the circumstances. It is in finding and exploring possibility that we can discover the magic to manage the trick.

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John Scarrott
John Scarrott

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