Benchmarking Year 1 in the life of your members

Association news
Published on 8 June 2020

Member retention is often a key business goal for associations, and rightly so. It is a cost-effective strategy for sustainable membership growth, as opposed to a mere focus on member acquisition. Therefore, it makes good business sense to keep new members happy from the very beginning.

Covid-19 has accelerated changes that have been coming for a while. Personalisation and automation are only some of the trends we’ve seen shaping the delivery of member journeys over the past years. Now, it is time to embrace them.

While every association is unique in its requirements, we believe it’s helpful to take a look at the overall developments across associations. This benchmarking survey, by AAE's partner Pixl8 aims at providing an indication of how digital technology is being used to enhance the member experience in Year 1.

Some of the topics it explores include:

  • Benchmarking renewal rates in Year 1
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Year 1 touchpoints
  • Member segmentation

By taking part, you will be amongst the first to receive Pixl8’s ‘Membership forecast’ report. It includes data drawn from this survey, as well as insights on various membership-related topics that the team has been collating over the past 6 months.

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For any questions on this survey, the report or to have a chat with the Pixl8 team, get in touch with Marketing Strategist Laura Scherf, at