Benchmarking in associations - a new era

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Published on 12 November 2019

AAE is delighted to announce the start of the Association Benchmarking project on Salaries & Benefits. The Benchmarking tool we are using constitutes a real step up from the static surveys currently available in the UK and Europe, allowing Executive Directors and other directors to benchmark their employees’ compensation against other associations and societies, ultimately helping to retain and recruit the talent necessary to be a successful association.

We are inviting our community to take part in this exciting project, completing the user-friendly questionnaire for their own role and also that of their reporting team. As a thank you for completing the questionnaire, free access to the results through the online Benchmarking tool, will be provided, where you will be able to compare all elements of compensation with those of others with the same role in associations. 

Unlike other Benchmarking initiatives, our results will not be in the form of a static report.  We will present the information via the online tool which will enable you to effectively compare the latest detailed salary and benefit information as a reliable indicator to evaluate key positions and help you make the right employment and career choices.

Our benchmarking partners Compare2Compete are supporting this project.

Look out for the request to take part, and maybe even join the Associations UK Congress on 16-17 December where we will discuss some of the results. 


Cecilia Spoor
Cecilia Spoor

Association of Association Executives