Association Success Awards - new focus, new categories

Association news
Published on 22 January 2024

We are delighted to launch the 9th edition of our International and European Awards for associations. 

We have renamed them the Association Success Awards to emphasise the huge focus placed on achieving success and how finalists project's go on to become published Success Stories.

Additional changes we have made, are to develop 23 categories across nine areas within associations, taking account of the growth of online and technology driven developments.

For the first time we are adding Supplier Support categories, where for no fee you can nominate a supplier that has been instrumental in your success. Unlike many other awards with no restrictions on who you can vote for, the supplier has to have worked for your association in the previous 18 months. Why have we created this category?  Our members are looking for ways to identify great suppliers, and we will be making sure members can easily identify those at the website.

We continue to apply a very low admin fee (€95/£80) for completed nominations, and no fee to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony has for a few years been online, and we now return to a physical event, co-located with our Associations World Congress 2024 (Graz, Austria, 9-11 June). Finalists may attend the congress for no fee, for categories relating to projects, preparing a Success Story to present their project to delegates.

For the first time, finalists will be provided a verified digital certificate, in partnership with Accredible - the worlds leading digital credentials system. Every member of a project team that is nominated, the association itself and individuals nominated will receive a digital certificate that they can use in their professional profile, including on LinkedIn. 

We invite you to nominate yourself, a colleague, your team, a project and/or a supplier to your association, in one of the 23 categories in 9 areas.

The nomination process is simple, with online forms you can start, save and return to later, each with multiple sections and guidance, and you can always contact Anca, our awards manager with questions or to ask for support. Remember, there is a low administration fee of which is ONLY applied for completed nominations. 

Why you should enter the awards

  • Be recognised for your contribution to the sucess of your organisation
  • Show your members the quality of the work you produce for them and for their organisation
  • Receive recognition that can support your career progression
  • Enhance your organisation's brand and reputation with a great PR opportunity
  • Show employees and volunteers your appreciation for their hard work and results by nominating them
  • Nominate your great suppliers in a new section of the awards - no nomination fee for these

Category areas

The Nominations deadline is 11 March 2024, so please start your nominations as soon as you can.

For advice on nominating our Awards Manager, Anca Urdea, is available for your questions and to provide you support every step of the way. You can email her at [email protected] any time or call on +44 (0) 752 381 9500.