An invitation to join the 30 Day Inclusion Challenge in Global Diversity Awareness Month

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Published on 22 August 2022

As you may know, the 30DIC is a free online D&I learning journey. Asking participants to think, feel, and do inclusion for 4 weeks in Oct. This year, we have revamped it entirely and believe it is the perfect opportunity to either commence, enrich, or support your organisation's D&I journey. Here is a video of me explaining why this year is going to be amazing

This year, we want to make registration and enrollment super simple. As such, we will manage all participant enrollments from our side. What this means is that all you need to do is to send us your employee names, surnames and emails (even if they haven't indicated they want to sign up) and we will enroll them. We will also provide you with marketing material and a comms plan to encourage people to join. Here is another video of me talking about this org rollout process.

If you are interested in how we can assist in rolling this out either to specific people, or your entire organisation, please do reply to this and we can find a quick 30min slot to chat.

Thank you and so looking forward to you potentially joining the Challenge this year!


Roy Gluckman
Roy Gluckman

Cohesion Collective