AAE's New Seminar Programme - 8 every month

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Published on 5 October 2022

The AAE has launched its permanent programme of twice-weekly free seminars in the topic areas of: Leadership & Governance, Membership & Communities, Conferences & Events, Marketing & Communications, Professional Development & Education and Publishing & Data / Information.

Every four weeks, the programme will include one seminar in each of these topic areas with two on Leadership & Governance and two on Conferences & Events. Each seminar will include three speakers, and normally this will be two association executives and a consultant or respected association business partner, all followed by a panel where the chair will ask key questions as well as delegates.

The programme is managed by Paul Walsh, who has joined the AAE team as Programme Manager responsible for seminars. Paul is an accomplised association executive who works for another association based in Brussels, and he is the second member of our team with the Executive Masters in Association Management from Solvay university.

Paul Walsh EMIAM
Paul Walsh EMIAM

Seminar Programme Manager , Association of Association Executives

I am responsible for creating and implementing the all-year-round AAE seminar programme.

I am an experienced association executive having worked with various European associations for almost 10 years.  

I am particularly interested in helping associations increase their engagement with members while raising revenue.

I believe an association career can be extremely fulfilling, and I am in favour of any initiatives that contribute to increased professionalism in our sector.

Each seminar is held online in Meeting or Webinar style, on a Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 UK time and 12:00 Central Europe time, for 1hr + 15-30 minutes.

To attend the seminars you need to be either a Subscriber or Member (both of which are free of charge). From January next year you will need to be a member.

If you have topics you would like addressed in the seminars or if you have been successful in these areas and would like to share your experience, please get in touch with us here.