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SyncSkills specialises in supporting membership and training organisations to transform their training courses and programmes into high value, blended or live online learning. From supporting the creation of digital training pilots, to coaching trainers and subject matter experts to master online tools; we can save your organisations months of planning, trial and error and huge technology sourcing investment. We are big advocates of the use of free digital tools and open solutions here at Syncskills, and our unique SyncSkills process puts members learning experience right at the heart of everything we do.
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Membership organisations and association are ideally positioned to deliver great, digital or blended programmes and online professional certification courses. However, many organisations are fearful of choosing the wrong technical options, often with good reason due to the infinite number of choices out there in the market place. With SyncSkills, membership organisations are able to create innovative digital learning programmes with little or no investment in technology. Each learning programme is developed around their member’s individual needs for professional growth development and specific accessibility requirements and all of this is based on open technology, social media optimisation and careful planning. With a strong focus on learning impact, we support trainers and SME’s to facilitate with confidence and ease in the virtual classroom and learning communities.

Using a personalised approach, we work closely with organisations and follow a clear, step by step process to identify the true learning needs of the members, supporting organisations to set up their first pilot in as little as three months.

Gaëlle Delmas-Watson, founder of SynSkills, project for the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor) won Best E-learning Award in 2014 in the category “Best use of synchronous online learning/Virtual Classroom”.

Association Case Studies

Amongst our clients past and present: American Management Association (AMA), Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy CIPFA), Management Centre Europe (MCE), The Art of Work.

We have trained, coached and supported over 100 trainers and Subject Matter Experts to facilitate live online session and create courses, training, programmes and certificates.