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SEBCO is the premier provider of association consulting expertise in the UK and worldwide, with experienced association consultants across a range of services commonly needed within the association sector. Founded to provide a dedicated association perspective, our goal is to add value to all that associations provide to their members.
Strategy, Governance, Human Resources, Board and People Development, IT, Database and CRM development, Financial management, Investments, Outsourcing Solutions, Digital Strategy and Communications, Publishing Reviews, and Insurance.
Consultancy, Training, Implementation Support
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SEBCO is a simple consultancy service that provides access to high quality consultants with a special focus on the professional associations sector. Led by an association CEO and senior consultants with a wide portfolio of association clients, we aim to improve your business, develop your ideas and lead you to better things. Whether you want to cut costs, improve services, need advice or are looking to find a company to provide bespoke services, we can help you. Our partners and consultants, specialising in the association sector and matching your requirements, have a proven track record of delivering change, saving money and improving effectiveness. We are totally committed to delivering improvements to your association. We are the only company of our type offering this range of services to this sector and we pride ourselves on being affordable and effective. Our services include:
  • Strategy support and advice
  • Governance advice and reviews
  • Finance and Investment services
  • People and Board Development/Coaching
  • HR services and reviews of organisation structures
  • IT and Network infrastructure
  • Databases and Customer Relationship Management
  • Digital media and marketing
  • Publications and print reviews
Association Case Studies

Finance/strategy: The Leprosy Mission 2013

The Leprosy Mission is a large and complex UK based charity, delivering most of its services overseas. It approached SEBCO to undertake a comprehensive review of its financial administrative systems as it had concerns about efficiency, effectiveness, cost and the ability to grow with the current systems in place.SEBCO undertook a comprehensive review of all functions, working closely with the CEO, the senior management team, the Honorary Treasurer and office users of financial systems.SEBCO’s detailed analysis allowed the charity to understand where systems could be developed and improved and provided detailed proposals for improvement. This also included an assessment of cost savings over the coming years as well as proposals as to how the charity could develop more opportunity for trading activity growth and efficiencies associated with that growth. Since SEBCO’s support, the charity has continued to grow income but also the amount it spends on charitable objects. Its profile has continued to develop and its activity reach more recipients than before, with funded projects around the world, tackling leprosy as a serious public health challenge.

Outsourcing/IT/Finance/HR: The Chartered Institute of Linguists – 2015

The Institute has undertaken several reviews in recent years, supported by SEBCO and its partners. SEBCO’s finance team undertook a major review of the Institute’s needs and provided a comprehensive set of recommendations and solutions to an expensive and ineffective system. This included proposals as to how the Institute could practically implement changes and improvements, saving money and improving effectiveness. The Institute asked SEBCO’s team to provide a complete outsourced solution, delivering all the recommendations required, which has been completely effective in delivering the aims of the review.

However SEBCO has worked on several projects for the Institute. These include an audit and review of its IT infrastructure, analysing the current systems, weaknesses and strengths, as well as leading on criteria for competitive tendering. Meanwhile the HR function has been strengthened by external support from SEBCO partners, assisting with recruitment and on-going policy advice, all at a much lower cost than employing the same support in-house.

‘The range and quality of services provided by SEBCO and its partners has really made a difference’ says Alan Peacock, Acting Chief Executive of the Institute, ‘having the broad range of services all provided by consultants who regularly work together is something that I have not come across before. We have really seen the added value that SEBCO can bring and the improvements to the way we function as an organisation. I am confident that we will reduce overheads and improve effectiveness because of SEBCO’s support.’