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John Scarrott Training and Coaching
I work with Association leaders and their teams to increase their influence when selling, presenting and networking. I support them to communicate effectively, connect with impact and achieve positive outcomes in terms of member engagement and sponsorship.
Membership Engagement, Member Retention, New Member Acquisition, Sponsorship Growth, Training: Sales, Presenting, Networking, Coaching- Leadership and Influence.
Consultancy, Training, Implementation Support
United Kingdom, mainland Europe
United Kingdom
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I support Associations to grow. I have 21-years’ experience working in the Business to Business arena, with 7 years as Membership Director of the Design Business Association. I use my experience to work with Associations in two ways:Membership Engagement and Sponsorship Growth. Directly supporting Associations to develop and implement strategies that grow membership and sponsorship income.

In 2014 my membership growth strategy Creating Conversations that Sell was shortlisted for Best Growth Strategy at Association Congress Awards.

Trainer and coach to the members of Associations: I work with Associations as a trainer and coach, delivering training and coaching to their members that unlocks potential in the areas of sales, speaking and presenting and networking.

Association Case Studies

“Creating Conversations that Sell.” A member engagement workshop for the College of Occupational Therapists 2016


To bring some outside thinking in to the College to support the change and development of the marketing and membership team.


A session called ‘Creating Conversations that Sell’ to give a fresh perspective on member engagement. This consisted of a brief case study presentation of my experience of moving member engagement from a push to a pull approach, using the ‘three cs’ of Community, Content and Conversations. The group was then split into three, each sub-group chose one of the three cs to discuss and then they came back together to share their ideas, thoughts and questions in relation to their challenges.


"Really good session today. My brain was buzzing with thoughts ! I will look to distil the ideas so we can take some of this forward with our plans." Martin Reid Assistant Director Communications and Marketing, The College of Occupational Therapists.