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Bert van Loon - Independent Strategist
As an independent strategist, I work with associations of all types as well as agencies and networks of independent specialists. Whatever the configuration, the theme is always the same: how to create more and more intense relations between organisations and their audience. My preferred focus is B2B with an international scope but I am also involved in B2C challenges from time to time.
Marketing Communication, Strategy, Concept
Consultancy, Training, Public speaking
Europe, USA
The Netherlands
Contact Details
+31 6 53 430 200
Most of my assignments bring together the three key elements of my background – sales, marketing and communication – to improve business performance and innovate marketing approaches in a fast-changing environment. I mix analytical methods with creative skills to develop an integrated approach for the companies I work with, while sharing knowledge with my clients’ teams at the same time. It’s all about adapting to change and learning while doing it.

The work I do with clients comes in many forms, including:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Keynote speeches, workshops and corporate events
  • Communication concept development
  • Executive advisory and coaching roles

This means that, if you decide to hire me, you don’t need to add another agency – expanding and defending its own territory – to your list of external resources. You will get a temporary colleague with experience and an independent view instead, defending your interests to re-engineer you marketing strategy and to get the best out of your existing internal organisation and external support teams.

Most of my work is done discretely behind the scenes, while speaking engagements on the other hand are directly in the spotlight. I feel comfortable in both settings, so do not hesitate to call me to discuss any questions you may have to see how we can cook up a practical and hands-on approach towards a sustainable and strategic solution.

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