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Live streaming and recording conferences and events for on demand viewing has opened up a whole new communication channel for associations, enabling them to engage more effectively with their membership and generate new revenue from sponsorship and sales, as well as enhanced member retention and recruitment. We have been helping associations exploit this exciting channel since 2008
Web broadcasting: Maximising the reach of event content, Live streamed events, Congress / conference / seminar recording, Hybrid event design and production, Virtual event design and production, Engaging remote audiences
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The problem we solve at BeThere Global, is quite simply that of high-value content going unrecorded. It is a travesty, that truly valuable, sometimes life-changing, content, produced at great effort and expense is typically seen once and once only by an audience limited to the number of seats that can be squeezed into the room.

For example; an international medical society has for many years run educational conferences featuring world class, expert speakers. Despite always knowing their content was very valuable, they didn’t think they could possibly afford to record it, let alone how to go about sharing the results. We now provide them with a recording solution they can afford, we have helped them to develop a strategy for sharing those recordings and they now have a content library that is heavily used by their members and has helped them attract many new members.

The BeThere Global service is a straightforward, affordable and complete solution that enables knowledge and expertise to be captured and immediately distributed to a targeted or a wide audience.

We make a complete video record of the live action - the speakers, panels and debates - at the same time as directly recording the on screen presentation; PowerPoint, web surfing, software demonstrations video; - whatever goes on screen – and we instantly combine them as a single stream of video so the remote viewer gets to see and hear exactly what they would if they were sitting in the room. We don’t need the speaker's presentation in advance and there’s no post production work at all! The equipment is so portable that it can be taken as hand luggage on a plane and the entire operation can be carried out by just one technician.

As well as recording we also look after the broadcasting part, providing viewer registration, ecommerce, question submission, social media integration and other interactivity and LIVE or ON-DEMAND streaming to branded web pages.

Since 2008, we have successfully web broadcast hundreds of events for societies and trade associations around the world. Increasingly we are consulting with clients to assist them in making the most effective use of their content online to engage with members who typically do not physically attend their conferences and events.

Association Case Studies

Association of Association Executives

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Event Strategy: Conference recording

The International Society for Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG)

Congenital Zika virus syndrome: how to improve your diagnostic capabilities: Virtual event – 3 languages, repeated for different timezones

Intensive course: ultrasound in the diagnosis and management of endometriosis: Hybrid event – live webcast of educational conference

Intensive Course Early Diagnosis of Fetal Anomalies: Hybrid event – live webcast of educational conference

Information Commissioners office (ICO)

International Enforcement Conference: Multi location hybrid event – live webcast with remote contributors

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

Learning and Development Conference: Hybrid event – live webcast of educational conference

Information Commissioners office (ICO)

International Enforcement Conference: Multi location hybrid event – live webcast with remote contributors

The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex)

Sedex Annual Conference - Simplifying Supply Chain Sustainability: Hybrid event – live webcast of annual conference


City Briefing: Hybrid event – live webcast of half yearly report

The Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine / ISUOG

Early diagnosis of fetal anomalies: Hybrid event – live webcast of educational conference

Self Storage Association UK (SSAUK)

European Self Storage Conference - Amsterdam: Conference recording and on demand viewing pages