Strategic Alliance Officer

European Organisation for Treatment and Research of Cancer
Closing date
Location based in Europe
Position type Permanent
Role Programme / Project management
Education Master's
Experience >2 years
Benefits See below

Job description

The EORTC is opening a new position for a Strategic Alliance Officer (SAO).

The SAO is responsible for building and managing the relationships between EORTC and with specific stakeholders. The objective is to improve the understanding and the capabilities of the organisation for new partnerships.

The EORTC SAO typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which include:

  • Working with and reporting to the chief executive officer (CEO) and other leaders to develop a strategic plan that outlines the goals for the partnership;
  • The SAO suggest new partners and new forms of partnerships;
  • The SAO reports to the EORTC management on the benefits, risks, and progress of the partnership developments.

The SAO focuses its efforts to:

  • Expand the reach of the organisation to the wider community of oncologist, organ specialists and scientists;
  • Create new sustainable partnerships with the commercial sector;
  • Promotes and improves EORTC image over the stakeholders (oncology, pharmaceutical communities).

For partnership with the commercial sector:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with partners in order to strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones;
  • Understanding the needs and goals of each organization, and work to identify opportunities for collaboration that will benefit both parties;
  • Identifying and pursue new areas for growth and expansion of new and existing alliances;
  • Stay abreast of industry trends and developments and share relevant insights with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Developing detailed plans for implementing the alliance, including timelines and action items for all parties involved;
  • Monitoring the progress of each alliance to ensure that goals are being met and any hiccups in the process are being addressed;
  • Reporting on activity progress against agreed-upon milestones, and course correct as necessary to ensure successful outcomes.

For reaching to the oncology community:

  • Understanding and bench-marking the needs of the scientific community and EORTC capabilities;
  • Positioning the EORTC role and mission in the wider landscape of clinical cancer research;
  • Analyzing and addressing gaps which may need to be addressed and help creating a unique balance between EORTC as an organisation and investigational sites;
  • Developing specific tactical communication methods to reach oncologists and scientists;
  • Communicating EORTC’s capabilities, services, and performances to the scientific community.


  • The main activities require high capacity for versatile communication skills, managing expectations and ensuring an adequate perception of what the EORTC is all about;
  • The messages may need to be customised depending on the stakeholders and their expectations;
  • The SAO has strong teamwork skills to work at the interface between the EORTC HQ and management in general, inclusive of the EORTC Board and Scientific Chair Council;
  • Collaboration with other part of the organisation is critical to develop and maintain strategic alliances.


  • Master’s degree in medical sciences or equivalent;
  • Significant experience in the field of scientific research;
  • Awareness of the full cancer clinical research environment;
  • Knowledge and/or experience in pharmaceutical field;
  • Having good track record in conducting clinical trials;
  • Ability to work independently and in team;
  • Excellent ability of communication;
  • Excellent knowledge in English oral and written;
  • Capacity of negotiation.


EORTC offers a part-time or full-time job as employee or freelance consultant.

How to apply

Please send your application to: