Executive Director

European Franchise Federation

Closing date 31 August 2020
Location Brussels
Position type Permanent
Role Leadership / Strategy
Education Bachelor's
Experience >5 years
Benefits See below

Job description

The EUROPEAN FRANCHISE FEDERATION – EFF - the single, unique professional membership organisation in Europe whose focus is to promote, to represent and to defend franchising as both a b-to-b and b-to-c business model. The EFF’s vocation and corporate responsibility is to promote the best that franchising can offer, meaning strong brands based also on strong, trustful ethical relations between franchisor and franchisees.

The EFF’s ethical fundamentals are expressed in its EUROPEAN CODE OF ETHICS FOR FRANCHISING (last edition, 2020).

At the same time, the EFF is a membership federation whose members are the national franchise associations of a number of countries from Europe and direct neighbours.

Its purpose therefore is also to support the activities and growth of these Members as well as initiate and coordinate EFF-specific projects that bring the franchise entrepreneurs of these countries together in a sharing and experience-base members’ community.

Required:  for a one-person managed professional membership association: an EU Policy Advocate who is at the same time the organisation’s Executive Director.

The functions cover simultaneously being an EU Policy Advocate, an Association Director with experience and skills in leading and developing a membership association with all of the off-line/on-line communication needed.

as a Policy Advocate:

The EFF vigilantly tracks any legal/regulatory initiative that might impact franchise businesses, either the b-to-b/b-to-c business model, franchisor-franchisee relations, contractual issues like the conditionalities on non-compete clauses, etc. ; whether they originate at the level of the EU or at national levels, in European countries as well as countries like the US, Australia etc.

The candidate will analyse all such issues whilst keeping a keen sense of the impact on business and clearly define the EFF’s advocacy in the spirit of a pro-business (pro-franchising) perspective.

For regulatory issues arising at the EU level,

  • have experience in identifying, monitoring, analysing, advising and communicating about EU regulatory initiatives. The current focus is on the review of the EC’s Block Exemption Regulation on Vertical restraints (VBER 330). In the past, issues have been: e-commerce, EC’s project for an EU-specific Civil Code (with a chapter on Franchising), the issue of Unfair Trading Practices in the Food Supply chain, etc.;
  • have real experience of the EU’s regulatory process as well as lobbying to the Commission as well as Parliament to carry forth the EFF’s positions;
  • coordinate with all of EFF’s governance and association resource persons to develop common policy positions which will be communicated to & negotiated with all EU instances concerned, as well as relayed through the national Members to their stakeholder audiences,
  • During periods when an EU issue is on the table, the EFF’s primary focus is on dealing with the obligations related to this issue;
  • to keep abreast of regulatory issues at the EU level and pick up on trends and issues that the EFF must be aware of;

For issues arising at a national level in Europe and world,

  • liaise closely with the national franchise association heads and legal experts for constant mutual feedback and EFF support/intervention when needed;
  • to keep abreast of developments impacting franchising in countries other than the EU MS and again foresee trends (commercial, regulatory) that the EFF must be aware of;

As a Membership Association Leader & Project Manager

have the experience of a membership organisation and of working in close collaboration with the Members in order to

  • to forge and animate a community of Members committed to supporting what the EFF stands for, its values, its policies, its positions (ie its “fundamentals” which make it a unique federation), and contributing to their evolution;
  • to forge a community of Association Members who share their experiences in terms of association/membership growth, best practice in membership services, best practice in association events, etc.;   
  • to preserve membership and grow it whilst ensuring a necessary balance between preserving the values/accreditation standards (of members) that the EFF stands for and promotes, and the need to grow the EFF’s membership from other European    countries;
  • to keep both small and large associations satisfied content with what the EFF offers each category (size level) of member whose demands of the EFF may be different;
  • to represent the EFF, verbally and in writing, in a variety of instances and in reply to speaker invitations
  • to initiate and execute EFF-specific projects/events (Conferences, webinars, studies, surveys, publications, presentations, etc) with, as the case may be, the support of Member associations which offer to help and/or have particular experience in any of these areas;
  • to Coordinate events planning, logistics (before, during, after) and communication
  • to organise, treat and communicate credible figures about the franchise industry, referring to available sources (national associations, banks, universities, etc.)
  • to be able to encapsulate the above in a vision and plan of development and to cement the EFF community at all levels with these;

as a Multi-channel, multi-level, multi-audience, multi-support Communicator:

  • self-motivated and organised to communicate as much as possible; grow momentum and Member engagement through very active communication,
  • develop communication process(es) that addresses both large & small associations and gives them a feeling of inclusiveness and of satisfaction with their membership,
  • internally: governance, Members, association-related resource persons, suppliers
  • externally: institutions, other lobbies, media (classic and social)


  • Policy
  • Franchise development in Europe, in the world
  • EFF’s fundamentals
  • EFF’s projects/events
  • Member’s activities
  • verbally & in writing (public speaking, presentations in different formats and  channels making full use of all on-line applications, authoring EFF publications)
  • fluent in the MS standard office applications
  • with experience of contributions to classic media, social media (define a SM usage policy), design, development & management of the websites with webhosts (EFF’s window website + function-specific website such as the EFF’s interactive Franchise     Entrepreneur platform
  • on-line survey tools
  • exploiting the full capacity of on-line tools (time efficiency, content production and processing, feedback efficiency, ease of use by Members, etc.) and willing to train further in tools & techniques in view of their implementation;

as an Association Manager

Management of governance and committee meetings (before, during, after)

  • Legal Obligations (Statutes, annual legal obligations)
  • Membership management (invoicing, admin, )
  • Management of suppliers
  • Office admin (accounts, budgets)

Qualifications & skills

  • experienced in what is expected, needed particularly in lobbying and management of a membership association,
  • strong analytical and communicational skills,
  • proactive, autonomous, self-motivated, dedicated, reliable, able to prioritize, to work positively under pressure,
  • flexible & timely with work in general, and faced with deadlines in particular,
  • flexible to travel,
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, experienced with multicultural environments,
  • university graduate (business engineer, economics, law, European studies, political science, international relations, communications),
  • fluent English (spoken, written) = EFF’s official/operating language
  • + good reading understanding of French, German
  • ITC savvy: experienced with all the forms of on-line communication including running on-line meetings, managing websites; experience with social media, can solve IT software hitches;


details upon application

How to apply

Please send your CV and letter of motivation to info@eff-franchise.com by 31 August 2020.