Director of Advocacy & Communication

European Federation of Energy Traders
Closing date 13 February 2023
Location Brussels
Position type Permanent
Role Communications
Education Bachelor's
Experience >8 years
Benefits See below

Job description

The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) represents 130 companies from over 30 European countries.  Those companies trade electricity, gas and carbon (and various other products).  We aim to make sure that power, gas and carbon markets across Europe are well-designed, competitive and pan-European.  This allows them to make the biggest possible contribution to keeping costs down, ensuring security of supply and enabling the transition to a carbon neutral economy. We represent our member companies’ interests by working with decision makers to shape the design of markets, by developing standard contracts which make trading simpler and by developing IT standards to make the exchange of transaction data easier. For more information have a look at our website at:

The person we are looking for

  • Will have at least 8 years’ experience of working in advocacy focussed roles, including at least 3 in the energy sector.
  • Will have an in-depth understanding of the EU institutions and EU decision-making processes.
  • Will have strong existing relationships with parliamentarians, policy makers and press.
  • Will have an extensive network of contacts within the Brussels energy and finance policy bubble.
  • Will have very strong communication and advocacy skills – with the ability to simplify complex messages and to make sure they’re targeted to the audience.
  • Will have developed and implemented communication and advocacy strategies in the past.
  • Will understand best practice in corporate communication.
  • Will have experience and contacts in visual design, video and social media.
  • Will be able to write and speak English fluently and speaks at least two more EU languages.
  • Will be based in Brussels.

The role we are seeking to fill

Energy has been head-line news over the past year.  As energy prices have surged, political interest, nationally and in Brussels, has reached fever pitch.  We think that a competitive, Europe-wide market for electricity, gas and carbon is a fundamentally good idea.  And we think that it is the best way to ensure security of supply, bring down costs and help us decarbonise the economy.  But that view is challenged by many.

This means that we need to broaden our advocacy activity, which has traditionally focussed on policy makers and regulators, so we become more active in political debates at National and European level.  This will be a challenge.  We are therefore looking for an experienced energy advocate to become our Director of Advocacy and Communication.  That person will develop and deliver a communications and advocacy strategy, working with an experienced senior team, which ensures that our members’ messages are influential.

The role will involve:

  • Developing and delivering a strategy to influence political debates on energy markets and their design.
  • Establishing strategic relationships with Member States representatives, policymakers and parliamentarians, including regularly meeting with them in Brussels and Strasbourg, to build trust, mitigate potential obstacles and convey EFET  priorities.
  • Being a visible presence, active participants and effective voice for the Federation in various events.  Delivering messages through panel discussions, speeches and presentation).
  • Meeting frequently with senior officials of various political institutions. 
  • Overseeing all EFET communication activity – including the work of our communication coordinator.
  • Taking our communication activity to the next level, through a greater use of digital content. 

You'll succeed because

  • You think like a lobbyist – you are focussed on getting the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • You easily digest technical content and know how to translate that into simple written, spoken and/or visual messages.
  • You have a strong existing network and know how to broaden that network and build strong relationships.
  • You like the challenge of presenting a complex subject to a sometimes-sceptical audience.
  • You understand the challenges involved in working in an Association, can understand different perspectives and can build consensus when necessary.
  • You are a team player with strong collaboration skills.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment and are comfortable working under pressure.
  • You are well organised and structured and like to reflect on successes and failures on a regular basis.

You'll love it because

  • You will have the freedom to develop and implement a communication and advocacy strategy.  This is a role which you can really make your own.
  • You’ll be part of a dynamic, diverse and very experienced team.
  • You’ll have significant flexibility about how you do your job – with the opportunity to work in our office at Avenue des Arts or from home.
  • You’ll be working on highly political topics which are priorities for EFET members.
  • There will be opportunities to represent EFET at many meetings and events across Europe.



How to apply

To apply please send a copy of your CV; and a letter of motivation, not longer than a single page in length, to By Monday 13 February.