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Venues & Destinations Showcase 2020

09.00–16.15 GMT, 26 November 2020 Online Showcase
A day of learning how venues and destinations are helping you bring back physical events, with hybrid support and special arrangements.
Benefits of attending the Showcase

These venues & destinations:

  • Can all be reviewed in one day - which makes your job much easier
  • Or can be selected individually for whichever are most suitable for you
  • Present services & facilities specifically for association events
  • All have deep experience of associations and their needs
  • Meet the needs of associations who need guidance on where to turn for their hybrid events
  • Help association event organisers of all sizes and with all types of event needs
  • 30 minute presentations with 10 mins Q&A, and then unlimited online chat after
What's included for delegates
  • Opening session on selecting venues & destinations for your hybrid / physical events
  • Access to all Showcase presentations by live video
  • Access to recordings of all presentations after the event
  • Q&A session after each presentation
  • Special offerings list for each venue & destination
  • Lunchtime Discussion Sessions
  • Online discussion forums to ask questions for up to a week after the presentations
  • Facility to book an appointment with the presenters to discuss your requirements / questions further