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Technology Showcase

7 December 2023 Online Showcase

How the ATC transformed the conversation with its community with Community Impact Wheel

Thursday 7 December, 14:00-14:40 GMT / 15:00 - 15:40 CET

Hear how the Association of Translation Companies piloted the Community Impact Wheel survey tool to transform the conversation with its members.

The challenge with most member surveys is low level of engagement, and the one-way nature of survey tools. At the best of times, we get some useful info that we then need to crunch into a credible report weeks or months after the survey closed, and at the worst of times, our surveys don’t return enough useable data for us to do anything with.

What if a survey was actually fun and quick to take, helped increase member engagement, and revealed the views of not just the active minority but also the silent majority?

In this showcase, you will learn how the Association of Translation Companies used the Community Impact Wheel, an innovative impact survey tool to increase member engagement, build sustainable strategies, and raise the quality of the conversation.

Presented by: 

Raisa McNab

Chief Executive Officer
Association of Translation Companies

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