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Technology Showcase

7 December 2023 Online Showcase

How associations increase online traffic to their annual meetings with Evvnt

Wednesday 6 December, 12:15 - 12:55 GMT / 13:15 - 13:55 CET 


Technology has enabled so much in events, and critical is the function of event promotion to a higher profile for conferences as well as attracting new delegates and sponsors both from within the sector and on the periphery.  Multiple associations, PCOs who run events for associations, and the AAE itself uses Evvnt to promote its events with great success.

Learn how associations use the Evvnt's listing service syndicating your event to a network of 5500+ event listing sites and calendars from one easy submission. From local event promotion and local social media posts to event syndication across the network Evvnt can increase your event’s exposure, expand the number of sites from which people can purchase your tickets, and increase your SEO rankings on the major search engines.


Connor Davies

Director of Partnerships

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