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Technology Showcase

7 December 2023 Online Showcase

How AI increases association event operational efficiency and sales using the Senis AI platform

Wednesday 6 December, 11:30 - 12:10 GMT / 12:30 - 13:10 CET

AI can bring efficiencies and benefits to associations. In this presentation hear of the multiple ways it can be used in associations, with specifics of how it is used for an association sponsorship sales and operations and for research and report writing in associations.

This presentation by an AI expert from Senis AI will cover:

  • How AI is being used for lead generation, outreach, and content creation specifically for membership and event sponsorship revenue generation
  • AI capabilities in reading, research, report writing, data analysis, and providing advice framed around use-cases for associations
  • Platforms and software to be aware of, what their capabilities are, and how best to integrate them within existing operational systems

Attendees will gain insights into how AI can be applied to solve business problems, specifically challenges related to membership and sponsorship development. Audience members will also learn strategies to implement AI solutions in their operations which will lead to increased awareness, engagement, retention and revenue.

Presented by: 

Marco Calabrese

CEO & Co-Founder
Senis AI

Hugh Halford-Thompson

Chief AI and Technology Officer
Senis AI

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