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Online Solutions Showcase

09.30–17.00 BST, 21 October 2020 Online Showcase

ReadyMembership Showcase

Time: 15:45-16:25

Join us for a deep dive into ReadyMembership, the all-in-one platform which lets you manage your entire online membership experience.

Built specifically for membership organisations, ReadyMembership comes with a CRM to manage applications and subscriptions. This is integrated with a fully customisable CMS, events and awards management tools, email centre and payments platform.

In this demo you’ll see how you can set-up direct debits, integrate your payments with Xero, create personalised content, automate email marketing and much more.

Join the tour and discover how ReadyMembership can help you deliver an even stronger service for your members.

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Presented by: 

Scott Cole, Head of Commercial


  • All in one platform including:

  • Enterprise Open Source CMS
    • Widget based content management
    • Data driven personalisation
      • Conditional content
      • Announcements
      • Content Library
  • CRM designed specifically for membership associations
    • Subscriptions management
    • Applications
  • Payments
    • SagePay, WorldPay, Stripe, etc
    • GoCardless DirectDebits
    • Xero integration
  • Events & Conference management (including Virtual & Hybrid)
  • Awards Management
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • All year round engagement App

What’s coming next:

  • Abstract Management
  • Email integration

Contact details

Name: Scott Cole, Head of Commercial
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 720 4545