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Online Solutions Showcase

09.30–17.00 BST, 21 October 2020 Online Showcase

ExpoPlatform Showcase

Time: 13:30-14:10

ExpoPlatform is a modular event platform with a wide range of functionality that can be scaled easily to B2B exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, and corporate events. Be it an in-person, a virtual or a hybrid event, our suite of comprehensive tools helps organisers in managing them over a digital platform with utmost efficiency.

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Presented by: 

Mykyta Fastovets, CTO and co-founder 



Session Viewing in 4 unique formats 
  • Breakout sessions: Conduct online sessions within the platform itself without any additional installs or integrations.
  • Livestream sessions: Broadcast external video streams on the platform directly with live streaming.
  • On-Demand sessions: Upload pre-recorded video content as sessions for attendees to re-watch on demand, 24X7.
  • External sessions: Direct attendees to external resources or platforms for viewing different sessions being held there.

These sessions can be paid or free-to-attend. Once the user books a session, it will start appearing in his/her 'My Schedule' Calendar. In the calendar view, the visitor can navigate to the booked session and would also be able to view some information such as the title, date, time (in the local time-zone and general time-zone), category, language, price, and a timer. Once the session is about to begin, the visitors would also be able to see a 'Join Now' button that would direct them to an online chime room. Before joining the chime room, the visitors are asked to configure their system specifications such as the Camera, Microphone, and headset for a better experience. Once confirmed, they can join the online session room as a Participant.    

AI-driven Matchmaking 

Our business matching functionality provides preference-based recommendations to the users using a “People-to-Object” mapping algorithm. The algorithm takes the user’s responses to the questions in the registration form and keeps on streamlining the recommendations by observing users’ interactions throughout their event journey

Online Meeting System

The online meeting system allows visitors and exhibitors to engage with each other in virtual meeting rooms. Our online meeting system supports video conferencing to any number of attendees. Based on the suggestions offered to the attendees, they can choose to request personal and group meetings

Session & Speaker Management System 

This module enables the event organisers to manage online and in-person sessions. Mostly used for conferences, the organisers can create new sessions, add speakers and moderators to them, and further categorise them using tracks, categories and tags. It also enables delegates to register for these sessions, add them to their schedule and connect with the speakers directly.

For virtual and hybrid events, organisers can set-up interactive and engaging online sessions of these types: Breakout sessions, Livestream Sessions, On-demand Sessions, External Sessions

Mobile Application 

Available for iOS and Android devices, the native event app can be set-up to engage attendees on-the-go. As an extension of the website, it can be customised using the app builder module and is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the platform.‌

Website CMS 

The website builder module enables the event organiser to create a responsive, SEO optimised, and user-friendly website for their events. Using the pre-configured templates, they can set-up a multi-functional website without typing a single line of code.

Online Registration

Using our platform, the organiser can design their own custom registration process with powerful registration forms. These forms can be customised to create custom flows for different types of visitors and embedded on any page of the website and e-referrals.

Hosted Buyer Management 

To manage hosted buyer programmes, event organisers can incorporate this module in their event. It allows them to qualify hosted buyers and further, create an event journey for them. Integrated with the meetings module, it provides higher ROI for both buyers and exhibitors. Manage buyer remuneration, hospitality, & other vital information

Networking: Exhibitor, Product, & Speaker Profiles 

This networking aspect of the platform allows the organiser to set-up profiles/microsites/webpages for exhibitors and their respective products, as well as for speakers. These profiles would act as a digital touchpoint for these entities and are supported with microsite interactions like chat, meet, and favourite.

Lead Capture 

This module enables the app users to directly scan and capture lead information in a physical event. It can also be deployed as a standalone application which can capture real-time data, independent from the on-site registration provider

Exhibitor Manual - (Deployed Online, can be used for virtual, hybrid, and in-person event)

Using this module, event organisers can provide a frictionless onboarding experience to their exhibitors. They can create a customised exhibitor journey and manage it with a multi-step pipeline. This way, the organiser can keep track of the overall progress digitally.

Interactive Floor Plan - (Deployed Online, can be used for hybrid and in-person event)

The organiser can create a custom floor plan layout to mark the venue spaces such as exhibitions stalls and booths, conference rooms, and stage areas. Visitors can switch between halls, search for exhibitors by name/hall/product category, and zoom in and out the floor plan,

Contact details

Name: Mykyta Fastovets, CTO and Co-founder 
Telephone: +44 (0) 1213 121455