Online Event Delegate Checklist

A required checklist for delegates regsitered for our online events

Where will you be for the live session?

Being able to concentrate on the tutor, to take notes and particpate in discussion is essential to getting best value from the event, and makes it interesting. Select:

  • Home
  • Private office
  • Meeting room
  • Open-plan office
  • Public place. eg Cafe (Not suitable)

Your equipment

The bigger the screen you use the more comfortable your experience will be.

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet (Tablets are not ideal as the screen is small and when you type in the chat you will lose sight of what is going on in the virtual classroom. They also only connect to wi-fi which presents a higher level of disconnection risk)
  • Mobile phone (Do not use a mobile phone as you won’t be able to see much or contribute) 

Listening and discussing

For audio in the online event, we provide audio over the internet only. Using a headset with microphone will provide you and others the best experience. Which are you planning on using:

  • Headset with a microphone (USB Headset with mic are readily available at a low price)
  • Earphone (An earphone will enable you to hear well but with the microphone away from your mouth may not be sufficient for what you say to be heard, and other noises may comparitevely much louder)
  • Built-in-audio (This may create an echo and the tutor would then need to mute you, which will prevent you from contributing verbally although you may still use the chat facility.)

Your internet connection

A poor internet connection will result in intermittent audio and difficult to hear, and you may disconnect totally. It is best to use a cable connection from your router to your computer. It is the only way to near-guarantee a sufficient connection. Do not log in from a public place, such as a café as the quality of the connection is usually poor.  What connection will you be using?

  • Cable
  • Wifi and I don’t have alternative
  • 3G/4G USB Dongle (Make alternative arrangements, as this is unlikely to provide sufficient connection and you are likely to have a frustrating experience with poor quality audio and frequent disconnections)

Connectivity test

From the computer you are planning to use for the online event, click on the link below to verify your computer can run the system.

  • Zoom test link
  • GoToMeeting test link
  • Webex test link


  • Yes, I have completed the test and accessed the webex meeting room as shown in the screen above
  • No, I don’t seem to be able to join the meeting room  (Contact for support, with response 24hrs)


Advise any concerns you are concerned about to


Please select the appropriate answer

  • I will use the recommended settings a computer with a cable internet connection and a headset with a microphone in a quiet environment
  • I won’t be able to use the recommended set up and I understand it may affect the quality of the audio and I may even get disconnected from the session. I understand and accept my set up may impair my participation and agree to keep a professional attitude if such an event were to happen