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Online Conference Systems Showcase

09.00–15.00 GMT, 16 March 2021 Online Showcase

Savvy Congress

Time: 12:45 -13:25

Savvy is a down-to-earth Dutch company with smart tech and info geeks, who look for new opportunities every day since 2014 to collect data and spread knowledge in an interactive way. We offer specialized total solutions for online and hybrid events. We develop, install, facilitate and deliver reliable technology and data that will help you progress. A targeted and group-oriented programme is essential to ensure that every participant gets the utmost out of the experience. And that involves the necessary knowledge and technology. Savvy is the tech and knowledge partner for event planners who want to create maximum impact with a professional hybrid event.

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Presented by: 

Mark Plaisier, Operations 

Cron van der Lee, Commercial Director


  • An online platform for hosting the event
  • (Studio) recordings before and during the event
  • Registration and login before, during and after the event
  • Support before, during & after your event
  • Webbased solution, no need to instal additional software.
  • Login in by two-factor authentication (2fa)
  • Livestream without delay 
  • Registration of viewers and viewing time
  • Log who is watching which speaker and interact with participants
  • Award accreditation points based on behaviour (CME)
  • Surveys
  • Poll / voting (including voting by proxy / voting weight / notary screen)
  • Mood mirror
  • Quiz
  • (Personalised) agenda
  • Multi language support
  • Interpreter support
  • Chat (group / one on  one)
  • Q&A - optionally with a moderator screen
  • Breakout rooms / workshops
  • Virtual trade booths for sponsors
  • Raise hand to speak -  queue to join
  • Ask questions online and offline via the extensive Q&A module

Contact details

Name: Cron van der Lee