Associations World Congress

9 July 2023 Florence, Italy Congress


Our new format of the congress, with deep discussions and sharing, case studies and meeting strategic suppliers at appointments was instituted in 2022. This is some of the great feedback we received.

At last year's congress we achieved our highest 'Net Promoter Score' ever. Delegates surveyed said the congress was Very good or Good for:

  • 91% - Investment of their time and expenses
  • 91% - Providing content that would improve my association, services or membership 
  • 80% - Developing new personal relationships of value

Individual testimonials

"Great speakers - very insightful and knowledgeable! Great to be able to exchange with peers."
Denis Pennel, Managing Director
World Employment Confederation

"It is an incredible event to share experiences and learn a lot from other associations. We quickly realized how the difficulties we have are common to associations from other areas and that they have found solutions that we can take into our organizations."
Catarina Olim, President
European Speech and Language Therapy Association

"Intensive two days of learning, sharing and true networking!"
Milica Jevtic, Secretary General
European Cider and Fruit Wine Association

"A wonderful event to meet other association executives and learn from them"
Tessie Laub, Executive Director,
International Society of Paediatric Oncology

"The interactive sessions were very valuable, backed up by excellent discussions and networking during the social events."
Craig Dale, CEO,
SAP Users Group

"Sharing knowledge and experiences with peers is fundamental to determining whether you are on the right track and teaches you to make adjustments or to push ahead. Participation in the AAE congress made this possible and taught me that regardless of the sector, every association faces the same challenges and issues. That gives insight, is also comforting and helps you find a solution more efficiently."
Arjan Appel, Executive Director
European Association for Endoscopic Surgery

"I came away impressed by the event. The presentations were really useful and the meetings pertinent. i would certainly recommend attending."
Tim Morris, CEO,
BKR International

"Very well curated and provided a wealth of new knowledge and ideas which are already being put to use in my association. I was also impressed by the high level of engagement in the sessions and all of the interesting discussions I had with both suppliers and other association representatives."
Marcus Arthur,
European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers

"Gave me insights into best practices that I can now aspire to apply in my own context."
Kevin Lopes,
International AIDS Society

"Very rich programme with great case studies, moderation and presentations. The event was organised with attention to the smallest details with innovative solutions for networking, exchanging and brainstorming. I definitely learned a lot!"
Katarzyna Koc,
ACI Europe

"A brilliant opportunity to learn more about the ways in which associations from different fields are facing up to the challenges facing us all. The interactive format of the sessions led to some very interesting discussions and I took away very practical approaches."
Natasha Slater,
International Brain Research Organisation

"Very useful congress - I met a lot of decision makers and the sessions were very interesting" 
Milan Cupic, President,
The Agro-Energy Institute

"A good mix of educational program, individual learning and networking."
Christoph Schewe, Managing Director,
International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations

"Very valuable event, useful to hear what other associations are doing and meet relevant suppliers."
Claire Arrigoni, Head of Events,
European Society of Endocrinology

"The content was incredibly engaging and the conversations invaluable"
Katie Bingham, Head of Events
Alzheimer's Disease International 

"Really interesting, especially for help us thinking about what are we doing in our association, and the way we are doing it, and this was a collective exercise."
Maria Joao Bigode, President,
Portugese Association of Physiotherapists

"Going to the AWC is taking the time to think the future of your association while brainstorming with colleagues from all around the world what are their experiences and expectations."
Miguel Alves Agostinho, Executive Director
Portugese Facility Management Association