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Associations World Congress & Expo 2021

5 – 9 July 2021 Online Live Congress

How Matching works

Exhibitors, on setup, will classify themselves according to the service categories they supply and delegates they wish to meet.   Delegates when logging in to the online conference platform are required to select their interests and the service categories they are interested in. 

Throughout the event on the online conference platform delegates and exhibitors will be presented with matching sponsors and exhibitors as well as sessions to attend and other association delegates to network with.

There are levels of matches that depend on how many common interests/tags exist between two parties: Ideal, Strong, Verified, Match, Potential.

The matching is achieved on the successful Eventsforce VCD system.  View example setups and processes below.

Exhibitor staff also profile themselves, like a delegate would, and can therefore be matched with other attendees on a one-to-one basis, which is particularly useful when sales regions or products are looked after by different members of the team.

The profiling groups will be:

  • Supplier services categories (interest in)
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Membership geography

A delegate profiling themselves - example:

Online conference platform - attendee home page - example: