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Associations World Congress & Expo 2021

5 – 9 July 2021 Online Live Congress

How will participation work

How it works

After booking your participation
  • Prepare your profile texts: Organisation, Services and "What's new, better or different"
  • Prepare your stand materials (videos, brochures, case studies) which need to be specific to associations
16 June onwards
  • Upload your materials to the virtual conference delivery platform (VCD) and classify your services
  • Staff register and set their profile on the VCD
  • Set up template emails you will send from your system out to delegates who have connected with your or requested information during the event.
23 June onwards, Association delegates:
  • Delegates will be invited to choose their sessions (many of which are limited in capacity) on the VCD
  • On logging into the VCD delegates will complete their profiles and service interests
28 June onwards, Exhibitors:
  • Research (e.g. at their website) delegates and their associations, that are on the VCD system
  • Request appointments with delegates (no multiple identical 'mass' emails permitted)
  • Invite delegates to attend your showcase (View this option here >>)
During the event, Exhibitors
  • Take your appointments
  • Respond to chat and calls on your stand
  • Respond to chat and calls with your staff
  • Invite delegates to attend your showcase (if you have one)
  • Engage with delegates who you have matched with, using the chat or request a one-to-one meeting with video call 
  • Engage with any delegates you identify, or search for by type in the directory
  • Download reports at any time, and send any emails or communications which need an immediate response
After the event
  • Download the final list of delegates who engaged with you
  • Send any communications by email to all delegates you engaged with
  • One-to-one meeting function will be available for one month after the event
  • Make lots of sales calls immediately after the conference
  • New business!