Associations World Congress

13 – 15 June 2021 Cascais, Portugal Congress

Events, Tech & Ops Stream

Event Stream on Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 June.

This stream is preceded and followed by plenary sessions.

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10:30 AM
Networking with delegates, speakers and engage with exhibitors.
11:05 AM
The chair will welcome delegates, introduce the conference theme and explain the day’s format.


Lorraine Reese

Head of Conferences and Events
Biochemical Society

11:10 AM

The effectiveness of online communications is a crucial part of attracting participants to events and ultimately running successful events. This session offers a crash-course on the best strategies, techniques and tools to use in order to achieve this. This session is focused on providing a good overview of processes and time-saving tips for those with limited resources and budget.


Miguel Neves

Chief Social Strategist

12:10 PM

Have you ever had to move your event location at short notice or under duress? Have you had a serious incident or emergency at one of your events? What process do you have in place to assess risks before confirming the event and how do you prepare contingency plans going forward?

The need to develop a comprehensive safety and security assessment and to have contingency plans in place is a must in today’s world and in the event industry. Asking tough questions when gaining information from your local teams is crucial to understanding risk factors but requires sensitivity and diplomacy.  Defining those difficult questions and conversations, then utilising the answers and feedback allows to assess risks and develop contingency plans. We will look at some examples which show the necessity and value of being prepared.


Nika Kurent

Senior Conference Manager
International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

1:15 PM
Enjoy a delicious lunch and meet your fellow delegates, speakers, conference sponsors and exhibitors.
2:30 PM

The ERS initially held one event at eight venues around Europe and then progressed their model to one event across two days at four venues, involving local societies and increasing collaboration through speaker connection and live streaming.

This session will look at the feasibility of running innovative events, learning and delivering events to meet participant needs.

Key objectives are to address:

-        Who is our customer and how can we follow the trend of new generations and their needs?

-        What research was undertaken and what strategy was applied to deliver these events?

-    Pros, cons, concept, what did we learn, what do we plan to do in the future and the importance of being first to market

-    The importance of free access events available anywhere in the world, designed for an online audience.


Valentine Castillo-Degert

Senior Programme Coordinator
European Respiratory Society

3:30 PM
Networking with delegates, speakers and engage with exhibitors.
4:10 PM

A case study from PWN Global, on how they bought the Annual PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards into being.


  • Changing market sees an increased difficulty and lengthier sign up process to on board Corporate Partners with our standard packages. Corporate Partners are less inclined to commit to activities which require long term commitment, favouring one off event sponsorships to gain visibility for their brand when aligning to a cause.
  • We needed to diversify our revenue streams to improve our business model stability.
  • Whilst there are many generic diversity events in the world, there is no event that focuses on the gender balanced leadership angle. Latest stats from the World Economic Forum state at the current rate of progress, the global gender gap will take 108 years to close and economic gender parity will take 202 years to achieve. With such a long road ahead, we need to celebrate our wins along the way to keep the key players motivated, increase awareness and visibility and hopefully and accelerate the pace of change
  • Delivering an awards event would enable us to:
    • Raise much needed short-term revenue - Signing up sponsors at a quicker rate with a lower price, one off, offer
    • Give our members a forum to celebrate their work – give them an experience that leaves them wanting to continue their volunteer work with PWN Global
    • Raise the visibility of PWN Global’s work in gender balanced leadership, which would attract more members and corporate partner interest in the long term

This session will explore:

  • How we accomplished it
  • The lessons learned and the outcome assessed


Karin Triviere

Membership Experience
Professional Women's Network

Rebecca Fountain

Head of Marketing and Communications
Professional Women's Network

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10:45 AM
Networking with delegates, speakers and engage with exhibitors.
11:25 AM
The chair will welcome delegates, introduce the conference theme and explain the day’s format.


Lorraine Reese

Head of Conferences and Events
Biochemical Society

11:30 AM

The #RSCPoster Twitter Conference is a unique online event bringing members of the scientific research community together to share their research, network and engage in scientific debate.

Run by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), both a professional membership body and knowledge provider, the unique format of #RSCPoster removes traditional barriers associated with normal conferences and is accessible to all. This opens doors for professional development and career opportunities, attracts new members to the RSC, and showcases the RSC as innovative thought leader, and voice of our community.

In its fifth year, #RSCPoster gained a global audience of over 2 million. We will share the story of how #RSCPoster grew from a concept into an international annual event and give our advice on how you might launch an online social media event in your sector.

Session runs from 11:30 to 12:15


Kathryn Gempf

Lead Organiser RSCPoster Twitter Conference
Royal Society of Chemistry

12:15 PM

Planning, Implementing and Evaluating event legacies to strengthen your Association's Mission

Your Association meetings have the potential to be a key catalyser towards achieving your Association's Vision.  In this workshop we will explore how you can integrate strategic legacy thinking into the planning and implementation of your events, to enhance their overall impact for your association and your key stakeholders.

Session runs from 12:15 to 13:00


Chloe Menhinick

Partner - Association Consulting

1:00 PM
Enjoy a delicious lunch and meet your fellow delegates, speakers, conference sponsors and exhibitors.
2:00 PM

All too often, the events processes and data reside in a specialist system that is totally separate from the main membership database or your CRM system. In this case, it means you are operating silos of data that increases both the management task to keep everything up to date and the risk of the quality of your data suffering. 

It also means that you are unable to achieve a 360° view of the truth about your members to facilitate selection and personalisation. 

This session demonstrates the inefficiency of a ‘silo’ infrastructure and goes on to focus on the benefits to be derived from integration as part of your strategy, to build and grow your events. 

We will conclude with a case study from the events industry to illustrate the mutual reliance of event and membership data and establish the advantages that integration delivers for managing relationships, for the event attendees and for your whole organisation.


Michael Collins

Managing Consultant
Database Marketing Counsel

This stream is followed by plenary sessions.