Associations World Congress & Expo

5 – 9 July 2021 Online: Live & On-Demand Congress

Benefits for Membership & Marketing specialists

Membership and maketing issues are addressed over two days in the congress sessions, workshops, succcess stories and expert briefings.

  • Join with other senior membership executives to hear some new ideas and approaches to membership
  • Learn about developing an effective membership model with existing members, through content, communication and conversation
  • Gain an appreciation of the value of content as an exclusive benefit and opportunity for greater member engagement
  • Hear about the success of a virtual association with over 100,000 members
  • Get the inside story on an association's re-branding as a way of offering greater member value
  • Understand how adapting a membership model to engage more personally with members has succeeded
  • Find ways to develop non-member dues through revenue innovation
  • Hear views on what Millennials and Gen Z-ers want from their associations
  • Find out about the success of a virtual association with over 100,000 members
  • Discover how adapting a membership model to be more emotionally engaging has worked for a professional women's association
  • Learn about how a major association's re-branding has improved contact with members
  • What do the younger generations want from their associations - be part of the conversation

A selection of associations with Membership & Marketing specialists attending

Testimonials from previous delegates

  • This is a place where you generate new ideas; develop the ones that you had before; and get support to improve the projects that already exist.
    Diana Ghazaryan, Marketing and PR Manager, Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges
  • This is my second event and, as with the first, it was an excellent use of my time as I came back with a lot of good take-aways and useful contacts. It is a great event to network, exchange, share frustrations, challenges, solutions & best practices.
    Karin Triviere, Head of Membership Experience, Professional Women's Network
  • I highly recommend this World Association Congress whatever stage your Association is at.
    Oscar Vispo, , European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  • An inspiring event, with highly focused topics relevant for my job and great discussion rounds where you could speak openly about problems with people working in similar positions as yours. A must-attend event for all people working in associations!
    Creixell Espilla-Gilart, Parenteral Drug Association Europe
  • Easily the most useful conference in the member association sector
    Camilla Durrant, Head of Membership, The British Dietetic Association
  • This is my fifth time attending the Congress and every time I am exposed to new ideas, the most recent trends in the association industry, and meet new contacts. Overall it has been a great experience for me and my organisation.
    Yassie Dunn, Global Growth and Development, American Society of Safety Engineers
  • The topics correlate to my daily tasks and offer me unique opportunity to learn whilst meeting like-minded people and exchanging learning experiences. It's fun and well-organised with the supporting exhibition and networking - making it THE must-attend event for all professionals working in the associations world.
    Creixell Espilla-Gilart, Marketing Manager, Parenteral Drug Association Europe
  • I'm gald I attended - it proved to be a great Congress in terms of speakers, networking and workshops. Plus it was extremely well organised.
    Matthew Kempen, Marketing Manager, The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • If you're looking for networking, event best practices, and to keep up with the latest developments with other associations, then you should attend this Congress.
    Michael Sarcauga, Communications Coordinator, World Fair Trade Organization