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Associations World Congress & Expo 2021

5 – 9 July 2021 Online Live Congress

Benefits of Attending

How can you justify the time and cost
Delegates to our previous online events that evaluated attendance, responded they would:

  • 88% Increase revenue a Very large or Large amount
  • 94% Improve the service to their members a Very large or Large amount
  • 92% Reduce costs a Very large or Large amount
  • 88% Attendance to the event provided a Very high or High ROI

Leadership & Strategy Stream

Learn from world-leading associations and experts:

  • The possibile futures for associations and how the human factor will determine dystopia or utopia
  • Reducing friction and maximising efficiency in working with our board
  • Critical factors and best practice for strategic management of your online / home working team
  • A structured approach to career development in your association
  • A best-practice process for ensuring relevance of your organisation to stakeholders and your sector
  • How to bring your members together to solve a global emergency, as well as how to support them in their work
  • How the suspension of the deliberative approach of associations could change the future to a more powerful executive
  • Best practices for working across Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • How to create successful multi-cultural partnerships between Europe and the Americas
  • Governance changes that can improve performance and build greater trust
  • How you can develop your members to be professional and effective board members
  • Critical cyber-security challenges and the role you can play in getting your sector secure
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Membership & Engagement Stream
Learn from world-leading associations and experts:

  • A new interactive visual tool for assessing alignment of purpose and expectations, and how you can get involved
  • How emotional engagement can drive growth - MSc research, applied and delivered
  • Peer-to-peer outreach and its role in driving retention
  • How articulating a clear member-value proposition drives engagement and recruitment
  • How a wide-ranging re-focus and re-branding can deliver greater effectiveness and growth
  • How to create greater engagement with a smart volunteer programme
  • How to create and manage online chapters
  • How to create a future-proofed purpose and brand model that everyone can buy into
  • How to penetrate deeper into business member organisations - not just the bosses who are the normal interlocutors
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Conference & Events Stream
Learn from world-leading associations and experts, how to:

  • Structure your sponsorships to maximise revenue and build in flexibility
  • Be more creative in your sales approach to generate more revenue
  • Adapt events business models for the online era
  • Organise successful satellite events for your annual conference, to overcome reluctance to travel
  • Create and manage a successful online Exhibition
  • Develop a successful online Awards Ceremony
  • Create a unique online Poster event - that succeeded for 2m people
  • Create value in your hybrid and online conferences
  • Select the best online / hybrid conference technologies
  • Build better events by adopting personas
  • Develop your role of event manager, for greater success for your association
  • Approach hybrid conferences
  • Return to fee-paying online delegates, after having charged a low or no fee last year
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Marketing & Communications Stream
Learn from world-leading associations and experts, how to:

  • Create and launch your own member's mobile app
  • Build and manage a community news and opinion portal
  • Market on a low budget
  • Create more content quickly with re-purposing
  • Create a Vision Atlas for your sector to be more effective in communications and effecting public policy in your sector
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Video & Podcasting Stream

Professional Development & Education Stream
Learn from world-leading associations and experts, how to:

  • Develop your learning offering for a successful future
  • Adapt for the new ways personnel want and need to learn
  • Create a Virtual Reality training offering
  • Innovate your professional learning offering
  • Create an Industry Leadership Programme
  • Enhance your online delivery of courses and eLearning
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