Associations World Congress

15 – 17 April 2020 Estoril Congress Centre, Portugal Congress


Medical Associations Meeting 
Open to: Executives from medical associations (included in Full Delegate Pass)

Open to: All delegates (included in Full Delegate Pass)

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10.30 AM

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11.00 AM

Join the Medical Association Meeting at 10:00 for registration, the sessions will start at 11:00am with lunch served at 13:20pm. The meeting will finish at approximately 5pm.

The chairman will welcome delegates, introduce the conference theme and explain the day's format.


Inbar Caspi

Medical Associations Consultant

11.10 AM

Case study one: Mapping Endocrines or similar
Case Study presented by: Helen Gregson

Case study two: Frédéric Destrebecq
Case Studies followed by questions and discussion


Frédéric Destrebecq

Executive Director
European Brain Council

Helen Gregson

Chief Executive Officer
European Society of Endocrinology

12.20 PM


Caroline Teugels

Executive Director
International Federation of Podiatrists

Judith Liddell

Executive Director
European Federation of Associations of Dietitians

2.00 PM
We are in the process of both transforming our approach to development and navigating the internal change management needed to support this. We’re just putting together a new five-year development plan that your audience may find interesting (and we may have some results to share in April). In short, we’ve realized that our team, our programs, our communications, and our fundraising are inextricably linked. If we want any one part to grow, we must pay attention to the entire ecosystem. Like the gears of an engine, these component parts must work together to drive the company to the future.


Larry Gamache

Fundraising Consultant
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

Who should attend: Directors and Senior Managers of Communications, Marketing, Membership and Events wishing to transform their association's effectiveness. 

What you can learn: Data is one of the key assets of your organisation. Having a robust approach for how it is managed will help deliver greater success in how you manage the relationships with your members, customers and other constituents. Getting to grips with how to determine which data you should be collecting and how it should be used will lead to understanding of engagement and personalisation which you can leverage to contribute to successful lead conversion, member retention and instilling advocacy amongst your constituents. 

Combining a view of when and with what products and services members connect are key to understanding how they engage with your organisation. Recording and analysing these provides valuable insight into member behaviour and introducing the context of their profiles and ‘psychographics’ can help drive dynamically personal communications and individual membership journeys that will retain their interest and help to pre-empt churn. 

This workshop is a combination of informative discussion and practical exercises and is equally applicable to organisations with individual or corporate members. You will be introduced to how your engagement strategy will benefit from leveraging your organisation’s data asset and your investment in CRM, within the context of a data strategy and data culture for your organisation. 

What you will take away from this workshop:

  • Establish where your organisation is on a scale of how well you understand your members 
  • Identify the engagement "Touchpoints" and key member "milestones" and how you record them (with a Touchpoints exercise that you can continue in your organisation) 
  • Determine why and how you can segment your members and customers and apply data modelling for segmentation and personalisation (illustrated with a clustering exercise) 
  • Utilise business intelligence to build comprehensive reporting and understand individual relationships (with an introduction to a simplified practical RFV example that you can apply to your data) 
  • Understand the application of relationship management strategy (including an exercise in which you can approach the creation of your own member journeys) 
  • Assimilate the importance of data quality in managing the data asset and determine a ten- point approach for a data strategy for your organisation


Michael Collins

Managing Consultant
Database Marketing Counsel

Project and budget management can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Often the brainstorming sessions with your team don’t have the desired effect, your project plan is just another piece of document and you forget to include some of the costs in the budget.

In this workshop we will look at some easy-to-use tools and templates, that will guide you smoothly from an initial idea to a workable project plan and deliverable budget.


Nika Kurent

Head of Events
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts


Guy Bigwood

Managing Director
Global Destination Sustainability Index

  • Why one-method-marketing can’t be used across multiple generations of members
  • Difference between marketing for member retention and marketing for member acquisition
  • How associations are missing out on the value of their content goldmine
  • How to align marketing communication efforts to global marketing trends without spending a fortune
  • Practical exercise: create a 12-month communication plan that encompasses all platform and key messages)


Juanita Vorster

At That Point

2.30 PM

Case study one: Attracting early years career  professionals/researchers to your congress
Case Study presented by: Judith Chapman

Case study two: Updating and refreshing the sponsorship model through an “online” shop and automated processes
Case Study presented by: Kimberley Zimmerman

Case Studies followed by questions and discussion


Kimberley Zimmermann

Head of Congress & Corporate Relations
European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Judith Chapman

Executive Director
International Society of Blood Transfusion

4.00 PM
  • How did the gradual integration of compliance regulations by the industry affected medical congresses?
  • Have the new rules affected the profitability of the congresses and the potential in raising funds from the industry?
  • Are medical congresses aligned with the companies’ restrictions and expectations?
  • Can we raise the potential income from the industry in the spirit of the new regimes?


Maya Ravinsky

Industry Liaison

4.45 PM


Bernadette Adeyileka-Tracz

Diabetes Africa

Greg Tracz

Diabetes Africa

5.30 PM

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