Associations World Congress

7 – 11 December 2020 Online Congress

Monday 7 December

The Medical Associations Meeting and Workshops on this day (Monday 7 December)  are only for association executives who have registered for the Full Pass.

The main congress starts with the welcome reception at 18:00 hrs on Tuesday 8 December. 

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10.00 AM

Join the Medical Association Meeting at 10:00 for registration, the sessions will start at 11:00am with lunch served at 13:20pm. The meeting will finish at approximately 5pm.

10.30 AM

The chairman will welcome delegates, introduce the conference theme and explain the day's format.


Inbar Caspi

Medical Associations Consultant

10.55 AM
The chair will welcome delegates, introduce the conference theme and explain the day’s format.


Valli Rajagopal

Digital Learn

11.00 AM

Advocacy and lobbying are important activities carried out by many non-profit and trade associations across Europe. The centre of this work and influence on decision-makers is, of course, organised in Brussels – but not only. It is also quite specific to each sector and the medico-scientific field is a very particular one.

My presentation will focus on the particular nature of lobbying at the level of EU Institutions: what the particularities of health-related matters imply, what capacity of influence European and international medical associations have, how they can build up and strengthen their power of representation, but also how, in the end, the best conceived campaigns – through concrete examples – can either lead to success or fail miserably


ACCA believe that accountancy is vital for economies to grow and prosper, which is why they work all over the world to build the profession and make society fairer and more transparent. They have more than 219,000 fully qualified members and 527,000 students worldwide. They’re members are among the world’s best-qualified and most highly sought-after accountants, working in every sector you can imagine.

This session will focus on developing and implementing an online mentoring programme and has the following learning outcomes:

  • Overview of ACCA’s Mentoring Programme
  • Understand some of the challenges of a remote mentoring programme
  • Tips on implementing an online mentoring programme


Clare Hodgson

Head of Professional Development Products
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

11.40 AM

Objective overview of presentation:

This session will explain how a small-medium size medical association of relatively limited resource has entered the complex world of policy and advocacy.

Areas to be explored:

  • What to consider when setting up this major new activity – where to start!
  • What the programme can look like – our experience
  • The importance of research – with a case study
  • The challenge of internal and external engagement – what we have learned
  • Looking to the future

What can the audience learn from the presentation:

The presentation is aimed at organisations that are just thinking about entering this arena of activity.  This will present the opportunity to learn from an organisation who is also very new in the area (around 18 month activity) regarding their approach; what has worked/not worked; and what the challenges are.


Dirk De Rijdt

Director of Strategic Partnerships
European Society of Endocrinology

Helen Gregson

Chief Executive Officer
European Society of Endocrinology

12.00 PM

In today’s fast paced environment, people need to learn how to work efficiently under pressure, cultivate mental toughness and build resilience.

By the end of this interactive programme, delegates will know how to:

  • Identify the difference between ‘pressure’ and ‘stress’
  • Recognise the early warning signs of stress both in oneself and in others
  • Use proven techniques to build resilience to pressure
  • Implement skills and tools to manage pressure effectively
  • Manage time e.g. phone, email, meetings
  • Achieve a healthy worklife balance
  • Improve personal health and wellbeing

This programme is designed for insight and effective action. All techniques are immediately transferable to home and work.

All delegates will be given a stress test card for personal use.


Carole Spiers

International Stress Management Association

12.20 PM

Objective overview of presentation:

Most European level health professional associations and Federations are facing the same challenges and we are convinced that we need to collaborate with all the health professions and that collaboration is the key for success

Areas to be explored:  

  • How to define our aim and vision
  • Exchange best practices on how we developed the relationship/collaboration between the different association levels.

What can the audience learn from this presentation?

  • How the group was established
  • How the group plans to establish Allied Health in countries where allied health is not yet organized, based on WHO country classification
  • Knowledge and expertise on advocacy resources
  • The next steps to be taken in our journey


Caroline Teugels

Executive Director
International Federation of Podiatrists

Judith Liddell

Executive Director
European Federation of Associations of Dietitians

1.00 PM

Enjoy a delicious lunch and meet your fellow delegates, speakers, conference sponsors and exhibitors.

2.00 PM

Objective overview of presentation:

We are in the process of both transforming our approach to development and navigating the internal change management needed to support transformation.

Areas to be explored:  

  • Our five-year development plan and results
  • Internal approaches to change management
  • External approaches to diversify funding sources
  • Assessing the challenges associated with grants
  • Understanding how to communicate the value you deliver
  • Developing and creating a new understanding of the Union
  • Establishing marketplace value and rolling-out delivery  

What can the audience learn from this presentation?

We’ve realized that our team, our programs, our communications, and our fundraising are inextricably linked. If we want any one part to grow, we must pay attention to the entire ecosystem. Like the gears of an engine, these component parts must work together to drive the company to the future


Larry Gamache

Fundraising Consultant
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

Ian will share a perspective on the challenges of international membership growth and a need to keep entry standards up to date in a fast-changing world. Approaches to education, training, and the needs of professions are different globally. What unites nearly all professions are the challenges we are facing from changing industry needs, the impact of technology and data, and the importance of lifelong learning. How best to respond to those challenges, support people into the profession, and deliver a positive social impact?


Ian Jeal

Global Education Manager
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

2.40 PM

Objective overview of presentation:

When I joined ISBT as Executive Director in January 2009 the image the Society portrayed was that of a ‘Gentlemen’s club’. The Society was ‘stuck in the past.’  Sixty five percent of the membership were aged 51 and older and only 1% of the membership were aged under 30 years. It was recognised that many of the ‘senior’ professionals were nearing retirement age and there was a lack of young professionals to take their place. There was also a lack of succession planning regarding key positions and roles within the Society.

Areas to be explored:  

  • The importance of monitoring demographics
  • How ISBT established its young professional’s council
  • The young professional’s council’s terms of reference
  • Identifying what our young professionals want from the Society
  • Encouraging a young professional’s network
  • Involving young professionals in decision making
  • Assessing future plans
  • Succession planning strategies

What can the audience learn from this presentation?

How to increase the number of young professional members, to get them more involved in the society, to identify those with leadership potential and to encourage them to put themselves forward for governance positions and roles.


Judith Chapman

Executive Director
International Society of Blood Transfusion

Syeldy Langi Sasongko


3.00 PM

Trade association and business member organisations - facilitated round table discussion

3.20 PM

Areas to be explored:  

  • How did the gradual integration of compliance regulations by the industry affected medical congresses?
  • Have the new rules affected the profitability of the congresses and the potential in raising funds from the industry?
  • Are medical congresses aligned with the companies’ restrictions and expectations?
  • Can we raise the potential income from the industry in the spirit of the new regimes?


Maya Ravinsky

Sponsorship & Exhibitions Consultant
Maya Ravinsky, Industry Relations and Sales

4.00 PM
Networking with delegates, speakers and engage with exhibitors.
4.30 PM

Objective overview of presentation:

Presenting the advantages of the online shop and sponsorship platform in terms of administrative charge, revenue increase and relationship building with partners. Understanding the dynamics of sponsor behavior and the reasons to invest in the event.

Areas to be explored:  

The demand and expected ROI of the sponsor, the strategy of the online platform and the need for a hybrid model.

What can the audience learn from this presentation?

Understand what leads a sponsor in purchasing marketing opportunities at the events and how the online platform can support with reaching sales’ objectives in a transparent and personalized manner.


Kimberley Zimmermann

Head of Congress & Corporate Relations
European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

5.10 PM

Objective overview of presentation:

DiabetesAfrica was launched in 2019 with one objective: harnessing innovation to accelerate the fight against diabetes and associated chronic diseases. The founders of Diabetes Africa, Greg and Bernadette are tackling many issues at once and this session will be an opportunity to investigate how much-talked-about business practices can help (or not) the association of tomorrow.

Areas to be explored:  

  • Building a brand and value proposition
  • Attracting a diverse and young community
  • Establishing a programme of work and a conference
  • How to stand out in a busy industry landscape

What can the audience learn from this presentation?

In this session, Greg Tracz and Bernadette Adeyileka-Tracz, founders of Diabetes Africa will walk you through their experience, successes and failures, and how they are tackling familiar challenges in a new environment.

  • Learn how agile principles and scrum methodology can be used to ‘fail fast’ and respond to changes in the environment;
  • Explore the impact of project branding on early stakeholder engagement;
  • Compare methods and ideas on how to grow your presence and membership in the healthcare sector;
  • Discuss the balance between programme independence and securing funding from the private sector


Bernadette Adeyileka-Tracz

Diabetes Africa

Greg Tracz

Diabetes Africa

5.50 PM

No description provided


Inbar Caspi

Medical Associations Consultant