Associations World Congress

15 – 17 April 2020 Estoril Congress Centre, Portugal Congress

Membership, Marketing & Comms

Membership, Marketing & Communications on Thursday & Friday.

Stream preceded and followed by plenary sessions.

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11.15 AM

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  • Our context is changing, different issues and areas provide both opportunities and threats for associations to be successful. The world in its broadest sense is changing, with implications for associations.
  • The networked, digital society offers opportunities for community building and engagement like neer before and at the same times it is threatening the very need for associations 
  • Young generations have different expectations, both in terms of the way they perceive value and value propositions, to expectations of their community/communities
  • Inge's argues that a communications is essential in creating and nurturing community 
  • A communications strategy is central to building stakeholder trust in an association and its environmentHow do you build profile and maintain your reputation 
  • Being in control is no longer an option. How do you enable? Are you prepared?


Inge Wallage

Managing Director
European Association of Communication Directors

12.10 PM

What prompted the Agile Business Consortium to revisit membership strategy and structure in the last year.  By surveying members, the association was able to get a true picture of what members valued or didn’t value; under-used or ignored benefits and other factors leading to the restructure and transformation.

  • What did the membership survey reveal and what actions did it set in motion
  • Why we have recently re-launched a membership offering at a lower price
  • What did we learn about the value and take-up of member benefits
  • How will having a CRM system later this year allow us to roll out further benefits and what they will be
  • How have members responded to the new structure - initial feedback


Rachel McLinn

Head of Membership
Agile Business Consortium

Sales is often considered a dirty word in the world of “Non for profit”, but thankfully that old school of thought is changing…. and for a good reason. The “build-it-and-they-will-come” attitude simply no longer works and many organisations now need to take a more strategic view in Sales and Business Development. But where do you start? When looking at generating revenue it is not just a matter of being commercially savvy, but the concept must also engage members, be relevant and be viable for the long term, after all small teams can only do so much.

In this session we will tap into our creative frame of mind, share ideas and concepts and look at how you can develop one new idea for your Association to either create a new revenue stream OR look at new ideas to do more with less. Remember an association is more than a team in head office, it is made up of hundreds of volunteers willing and able to help! This session offers you the opportunity to return to your office and….

  • Be more confident to audit your current situation, really look at what works and what does not
  • Have a number of new ideas that you can start working on
  • Understand what “freebies” may  be available to your organisation- You never know if you don’t ask


Helen Parker

Business Development Manager
Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation

2.30 PM

This session outlines several models trade organizations can use to help industry members recruit next generation professionals. Learn first hand lessons through case studies how engaging schools, military veterans, allied associations and workforce agencies can attract new talent and build more job pipelines. You’ll walk away with tools your organization (and your industry) can use to establish sustainable models for recruitment from grassroots to national levels.


Joseph Valerio

Program Director
Audiovisual Integrated Experience Association

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Caroline Teugels

Executive Director
International Federation of Podiatrists

4.10 PM

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Camilla Durrant

Head of Membership
British Dietetic Association

Big brands continue to increase their marketing and advertising spending. Nowadays, the budget allocations for digital networks take up a bigger piece of the pie, thus winning the competitors who are spending very little money on marketing, or are not spending at all. Fortunately, money is not the only factor of winning in market competition. As an association or a small NGO you can still use some available tools and tactics that will help your association to stand out from the crowd, even if you have decided not to spend money on your brand’s advertising. 

This session is for people who are interested in learning about tools and free or low-cost resources to make marketing on budget possible. Money does not guarantee the best marketing, but right marketing can bring the success. During the session, Diana will share some available resources, insights and opportunities for your association to succeed while having small budget for marketing.


Diana Ghazaryan

Marketing and PR Manager
Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges/ FEAS

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11.30 AM

A complete metamorphosis at the age of 60 
It has been nearly 2 years since APPLiA has rebranded from top to toe. After 60 years of existence, the association representing the home appliance industry in Europe changed not only its name and design, but also defined better its mission and vision in being the voice of a forward-looking sector. The modernised and innovative look of APPLiA has resulted in a higher number of invitations to major events, more media interest and has injected more energy into the team.

  • Engaging 21 Direct Members and 27 National Associations in this journey
  • Achieving a bigger network of National Associations with the same name
  • The achieved results in black and white

Presented by: Paolo Falcioni

The creation of Flavour Ambassadors – building external stakeholder awareness of the flavours industry through a highly successful and innovative volunteer programme
Presented by: Jimena Gomez de la Flor

Creating a virtual chapter for the Professional Speakers’ Association of South Africa
As part of their refocus and reinvention to remain relevant to modern members, the PSASA instituted a Virtual Chapter. Charlotte Kemp is the first president of the new chapter.

  • The Virtual Chapter has provided huge benefits including new revenue streams, new leadership potential, new services to members, a process for potential members to become acquainted with PSASA as well as on-boarding of new members.
  • The tools and platforms for online meetings range from simple to sophisticated, but very little is required to get a virtual meeting set up.
  • The inter-personal skills to connect and engage with delegates online, requires some practice.
  • These requirements, skills and benefits will be discussed in this case study, for associations to evaluate whether a virtual chapter might add benefit to their membership.

Presented by: Charlotte Kemp



Paolo Falcioni

Director General
Home Appliance Europe

Jimena de la Flor

Communications Director
European Flavour Association

Charlotte Kemp

Futures Alchemist