Associations World Congress

15 – 17 April 2020 Estoril Congress Centre, Portugal Congress

Events Strategy Forum

Events Strategy Forum on Thursday & Friday, open exclusively to event strategists.

The Forum is preceded and followed by plenary sessions.

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10.30 AM
Networking with delegates, speakers and engage with exhibitors.
11.10 AM

This session considers events as contributing to an association’s long-term strategy rather than as a short-term revenue source. By looking events as part of a portfolio of activities aimed at delivering long-term value for the association and its members, it focuses on the role of key stakeholders to derive a vision and possible strategy for future cooperation. The premise is that long-term value creation can only be achieved as a collaborative effort of a network of partners with the association as a the focal point. This might require a re-assessment of current relationships and activities as well as the identification of areas of development or cutback. In keeping with the focus, the session adopts an interactive, co-creative approach aimed at generating outcomes that are specifically relevant for each participant. 


Chiara Orefice

Senior Lecturer in Events
University of Westminster

12.10 PM

This session will be interactive, and the objective is to discuss; 

  1.      What are personas and how can they help improve event attendance
  2.      Putting together personas as an activity, using the AWC 2020 as a practical example to learn from

Session overview:

  • Delegates will hear about the concept of developing personas as a means of improving event content and better targeting existing and new key congress stakeholders.
  • The objective of this session is to work through how to come up with three-four personas which captures most of the audience. Rodney will work through this with you and discuss:

What are personas? 

  • Identify your existing and potential new target audiences
  • Better describe your target audiences
  • Reflect on your audience for and your events as well as your broader association activities?

Activity: Putting together personas for the AWC 2020  

You will then be asked to work on an exercise to learn the tools and techniques to takeaway and utilise within your association.

Rodney will set the scene by giving examples and case studies of personas allowing delegates to work on examples of something that might be meaningful for them that they can take away and implement back in the workplace.



Rodney Cox

Events Director
International Gas Union

Brenda Sanderson

Executive Director
Interaction Design Association

1.15 PM
Enjoy a delicious lunch and meet your fellow delegates, speakers, conference sponsors and exhibitors.
2.30 PM

The World Heart Federation decided on a collaborative not competitive approach to delivering their major congress, working with national societies to deliver a successful and profitable congress.


Jean-Luc Eiselé

Chief Executive Officer
World Heart Federation

3.30 PM
Networking with delegates, speakers and engage with exhibitors.
4.10 PM
  • How to build and sustain long-term sponsorship revenue
  • Agreeing policies terms and conditions
  • Creating strict guidelines on bespoke packages
  • Creating buy-in internally and why it’s important
  • How to generate sponsorship in a tight financial network
  • Promoting the benefit of branding and exposure
  • How to increase sponsorship revenue year on year
  • New ways to approach sponsorship
The party is definitely over. With every kind of company scrutinizing every dollar, chopping unnecessary spending and keeping close tabs on even the appearance of excess, only the most essential meetings are likely to survive. As we move forward, sponsorship money will be invested, rather than just spent. The world has changed forever and "business as usual" is a thing of the past. Many associations report that corporate sponsorship of meetings and events has dropped drastically. But the fact is that it is all about value. Sponsors today are far savvier at measuring their return on investment and we must refine and professionalize our value proposal and deliver highly tailored sponsorship opportunities. This presentation will address the issue of how to win sponsors and create long-term win-win partnerships for your events, and provide practical examples of successful financial support for conferences; the business attitudes and language necessary to gain sponsorship & exhibitor buy-in; new approaches and creativity for financing and organising association events. Whoever said that if you wanted something in life then you have to go and get it was not far wrong.


Andrew Webster-Dunn

Head of Advertising and Sponsorship
International Bar Association

Larry Gamache

Fundraising Consultant
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

Linda Pereira

Executive Director
CPL Meetings & Events

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10.45 AM
Networking with delegates, speakers and engage with exhibitors.
11.30 AM

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Chloe Menhinick

Partner - Association Consulting

1.00 PM
Enjoy a delicious lunch and meet your fellow delegates, speakers, conference sponsors and exhibitors.
2.00 PM
  1. Managing “flight shame” – are long-distance flights to congresses becoming a social and ethical “no-no” and if so, how can event planners respond
  2. Building sustainability into every stage and part of an event
  3. Working with volunteers at events
  4. How should senior managers respond to “conference fatigue” within their events team


Rodney Cox

Events Director
International Gas Union

Inge Wallage

Founder, The Butterfly Effect and Managing Director
European Association of Communication Directors

Chloe Menhinick

Partner - Association Consulting

Emily Blitz

Director - Conferences
Accountability International

Nika Kurent

Event Project Management expert