Associations World Congress

15 – 17 April 2020 Estoril Congress Centre, Portugal Congress

Association Leaders' Forum

Association Leaders' Forum on Thursday & Friday, open exclusively to leaders of associations.

Forum preceded and followed by plenary sessions.

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11.15 AM

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12.10 PM

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Judith Chapman

Executive Director
International Society of Blood Transfusion

2.30 PM

Is developing your staff a worthwhile investment or will they just switch jobs in order to gain experience in the association sector.  Wider question about the competencies and skills required in the association sector and is there a need for this to be mapped.  How “hiring for the job” maybe damaging your organisation and is there a better way of finding the best person for a specific role.


Steven Price

Executive Director
European Institute for Industrial Leadership

4.10 PM
A case study of collaboration and co-operation between Europe and South America. 


Javier García

Executive Director, SEPA Foundation
Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration

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11.30 AM

Working in a multi-cultural environment – experiences of working across the Middle East, Asia and Europe

The FEAS has members from some of the world’s most politically sensitive countries, with many cultural differences.  From simple matters such as how meetings are conducted, through to the need for multi-channel communications from telegrams to social media, there are constant challenges to overcome.   The Federation must demonstrate fairness and equality in its dealings with members; all member countries must be represented and their views considered. Learn from the experiences and examples of how potential problems have been overcome.
Presented by: Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Achieving successful collaboration and partnerships in a challenging multi-cultural environment
Presented by: Sascha Duerkop


Sascha Düerkop

General Secretary
Confederation of Independent Football Associations

Armenuhy Hovakimyan

Deputy Secretary General
Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges/ FEAS

2.00 PM

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