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Associations World Congress 2022

5 – 7 September 2022 Lisbon, Portugal Congress

Wednesday 7 September

  • All Sessions have specific table plans where delegates are in groups of six at round tables, specifically allocated together for their similarity according to the topic of the session.
  • Association Case Studies are included in all the Association Leadership & Conference & Events Strategy sessions (except Session 4)
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Association Leadership
7. Member Engagement, Automation & Personalisation - strategies for a successful community

Engagement with members, capturing the transactions, interactions and experiences associations provide their members, providing a personalised experience and automating processes are vital ways to encourage member loyalty, increase participation, reduce costs and grow and thrive as an association.

During this session we will look at each of these three aspects, examining what are the most advanced approaches, what they are most suited to, and how they can deliver value.

Member engagment

  • What is member engagement?
  • Case Studies: Who is measuring engagement and how, and what value it brings
  • What decisions are made based on the measurements
  • How far should one go with measuring engagement - when to stop
  • Personalised experience

What is a 'personalised experience'?

  • Case studies of personalised experiences
  • What could be the ultimate personalised experience for members?
  • How can we maintain serendipity in the context of a hyper-personalised experience?
  • Are the results proving the value of personalisation?
  • Automating communications and activities

Automation: What's possible

  • Case studies on automation within associations
  • How much value can you bring with automation and save on costs?
  • How automated can you and should you go?
Session elements
Presentations Case Studies Questions & Answers Discussion Reflection
Session Leader

Lisa Collins

Managing Director
Dovetail Creative

Raisa McNab

Chief Executive Officer
Association of Translation Companies


Conference & Events Strategy
8. Re-examining the Conference Creation Process for your Hybrid Events

With hybrid events still required, we now need to step out of the emergency re-action mode and the adaption approach, to re-examine how you create hybrid events anew.

The session will take delegates through the Hybrid Event Narrative Framework, designing Hybrid Events with a clear purpose

  • Why are you doing this event?
  • What journey are you taking your participants on?
  • Who are you stakeholders and which want in-person and which online?
  • How you create an online and offline experience to inspire change
  • How to share your message and promote the event to a hybrid audience
  • How to execute hybrid with excellence and quality production
  • How to measure results of a hybrid event and plan for the future
Technology to support Hybrid and Online now, and how its developing

Of course you need to first start with what you want to achieve and then select the most suitable platform or technologies to deliver this. However, knowledge of what has worked well for other associations is another way to investigate what could raise the quality and efficiency of your own events.

In this session, we will:

  • Review a range of platforms and technologies in reference to their unique / critical capabilities
  • Consider combinations of technologies
  • Prioritizing high networking tools 

This session, the second of two during the congress, is led by Sasha Frieze, one of the most recognised conference consultants and producers with decades of conference industry experience, adving associations and other non-profits as well as commercial organisers. Sasha is AAE's Masterclasses tutor on both hybrid and online conferences, and has provided advice to many AAE member associations.

Session elements
Presentations Case Studies Questions & Answers Exercises Discussion Reflection
Session Leader

Sasha Frieze

Managing Director
The Business Narrative


Conference & Events Strategy
9. Examining the Hub & Spoke Conference Model as solution to resistance to travel

Travel is going to be more difficult for a significant proportion of our membership due to worries about health, out of respect for the environment, the cost and time taken to travel afar.  All these point us to different solutions to the one big single-site in-person event.

Hub and Spoke events, with the core central hub and smaller groupings spread geographically, and often organised in conjunction with national or other local associations, is an important approach to examine. However, the challenges are multiple and need great attention.

During this session, led by the most experienced organisers of Hub & Spoke events in Europe, we examine all the areas that are important for success, and we hear from associations the challenges and solutions they have experienced. Evelien Aernaudts and Jeroen Janssens, focus on psychological, logistical and technical aspects to break down the barriers to effective and enjoyable multi-location events.

Participants in this session will learn from global associations and corporate companies, through case studies, how they shaped their own Multi-Hub learning and networking experiences. Participants will work together in small groups to dispel the myths of multi-location events. Participants, will be challenged, at their roundtables, by the sessions leaders, to take the Multi Hub meeting concept to a next level.

Participants will walk away from this session with a whole new set of meeting tools and formats that enables them to design hybrid & sustainable meetings that matter.

The insights gained from this session, will help the association representatives to convince their board and stakeholders to take action, real action and so contribute to a brighter meeting future.

Session Leaders

Evelien Aernaudts

Senior Manager
Abbit Meeting Innovation

Jeroen Janssens

Sales Manager Strategic partnerships
Abbit Meeting Innovation


Executive Education
10. Enhancing your Innovation

In the fast-changing world, associations need to innovate to remain relevant and leading in their sector.

In this session you will learn approaches to generating ideas that create value and improve processes, from enhancing current services to creating wholly new ones, as well as ways of finding a faster way to work.

Session elements
Presentations Questions & Answers Exercises Discussion Reflection
Session leader:

Nadim Habib

Faculty Member
Nova School of Business & Economics

Nova Business School
Refreshments, Networking & Appointments
Sessions 7,8 & 9 continue
Lunch, Networking & Appointments
Round-table Meetings

A selection of meetings hosted by trusted suppliers, destinations and venues, where delegates discuss their challenges around the table with other associations, and the supplier provides their best advice, and references to how they have helped address these issues with other associations. 

Association Leadership
11. Diversity, Equality & Inclusivity

It is important for associations, which exist for their membership, to adopt processes and policies that ensure the diverse range of members are supported, on the principle of equality, and without excluding anyone. This extends beyond the membership to all those it deals with in their sector and often the public. The issues of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI) may well have begun to be addresssed but few associations are achieving specific DEI objectives and goals. So a more intelligent and specific approach is required. 

This session will look at barriers and approaches to implementation of good DEI policies & practices relating to:

  • Board members & Volunteers
  • Membership recruitment
  • Management & processes
  • Products & services
  • Pricing
  • Editorial content

Roy Gluckman, an expert in DEI working for associations & NGOs, will work with you to help you unpack your association’s challenges, and using best-practice examples, Roy will demonstrate what works well within associations, and what does not, thus better equipping you with the skills, language and guidance on how to realise your association’s EDI goals, design an approach and measure results. 

Session elements
Presentations Questions & Answers Exercises Discussion Reflection
Session Leader

Roy Gluckman

Diversity & Inclusions Specialist
Cohesion Collective


Conference & Events Strategy
12. Strategic Sponsor Revenue Protection & Growth

COVID changed everything – make sure it is for the better

The last few years have seen “unpredictable” challenges and uncertainty and we shouldn’t assume there may be others. Adopting new and innovative approaches, to both the process and the delivery of sponsorships, that can protect and maximise your revenues, is both critical and urgent.

The reality for many of us pre-Covid was that our conference business model effectively meant that if you turned up you received all the benefits and if you didn’t you received nothing, and our sponsorships reflected that.  Again, for many of us, the reactivity and uncertainty from Covid meant we were trying to “save”  this historical model. 

The golden opportunity that Covid has presented us with is the ability to now create a new conference objective -“a product for every stakeholder”. But are we missing, or maximising,  the myriad of opportunities for potential sponsors that can flow from this approach and how exactly do you design innovative, flexible sponsorship opportunities?  

In this session, Rodney Cox, Events Director of the International Gas Union, will lead the session on analysing the fundamentals of who, what, when and why to then generate innovative processes and outcomes for creating and selling sponsorships

The practical areas addressed in this session include:

  • Extending your sponsorship framework beyond the "online-onsite" offering
  • “Made to measure” strategies including a case study on an innovative Level Benefits and Item Benefits structure
  • Building in flexibility to address both external challenges and the inclusion of new ideas
  • Changing our thinking from “what are we selling” to “what do they want to buy”
  • Contributing to a more effective sponsorship sales effort
Session elements
Presentations Questions & Answers Discussion Reflection
Session Leader

Rodney Cox

Events Director
International Gas Union


Executive Skills
6. Leading in an online world

Leading an association with an ever-increasing remote / online membership, board and staff, needs new approaches.

This session introduces ways you can adjust your mind-set and processes for better management.

Session Leader:

Milton de Sousa

Associate Professor & Director of Systems Change Lab
Nova School of Business & Economics


Nova Business School
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