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Associations World Congress 2022

5 – 7 September 2022 Lisbon, Portugal Congress

Monday 5 September


Medical Associations Meeting

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Medical Associations Lunch
Welcome & Introductions

Meeting Leader:

Inbar Caspi

Association Expert & Congress Director
Inbar Caspi Consultancy

Lars Kristiansen

Executive Director
International Brain Research Organization

Value & Relevance to Members Post-pandemic

Associations were of great support to their members during the pandemic, however many are not seeing a return to previous levels of non-event engagement or commitment with their members. It seems that we need to reconsider what our audience needs post pandemic and how we can increase the value of our association in their eyes.  

During this session, we examine what other medical and scientific associations are experiencing and how they are addressing those challenges. Particularly please share with us your stories and case studies of how associations measure engagement and commitment and have overcome or have set in plan to overcome these challenges:

  • Our audience needs - How can we evaluate our audience needs refocus our benefits and expend our value in different stages of their careers.
  • Ways to asses and measure level and type of engagement – what are actions that increase or reduce the level of engagement
  • Competition – how to set our unique value and contribution within our field
  • Reach a wider audience beyond our members – are we giving value only to our members or to a wider community of professionals and how we increase our reach
  • Are members reverting to their national societies / associations, where membership is often a requirement to practice?
Refreshment & Networking Break
Conferences: Post-pandemic challenges 

The huge switch to online events has seen a swing back to hybrid and even physical-only, but what is the long-term vision for medical and scientific meetings and how we keep our mandate of being the forefront of science and education in an era where knowledge is available everywhere.

During this session, we examine what other medical associations have achieved online and in hybrid models and how they see the future of events. Particularly please share with us your stories and case studies of how your associations meetings overcome the challenges of Covid, how does your post pandemic/future congress are structured:

  • What does the future event portfolio look like for medical associations: Physical > Hybrid > Online
  • Did the Hybrid model expend our reach for new audiences?
  • The budget challenges of producing events online and onsite in parallel
  • How we attract sponsor and exhibitors to invest in the online aspect of our meetings
  • Has a greater online attendance (over previous mostly physical) necessitated more online events for the future, and what do these look like?
  • How social media effected our meeting – how the immediate communication and the need to immediately react to feedback/criticism changed our behavior
Medical Associations Meeting Closes

MONDAY 5 SEPTEMBER - Main Congress Starts

Registration Opens

At the congress centre, Altice Arena

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Welcome Reception at the Pátio da Galé & Sala do Risco

Sponsored by Lisbon Tourism

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