Associations World Congress 2022

3 – 5 July 2022 Cascais, Portugal Congress


A city with 300 or more sunny days every year, a diversified offer of high quality services. It’s time to gather everyone and create an atmosphere that can fuel the business ahead in 2022-2023. It’s time for you to come to Cascais!

Cascais can mix a professional attitude with a relaxing atmosphere. The location could not be better, also! Everything is prepared for you to have the best event. The flight takes around 2 hours only (European flights), so it won’t take long to get here. When landing at Lisbon, you realize that Cascais is only 30 minutes away from the airport. Getting outside, the sun is shining and the weather is perfect for a relaxing business trip.

At the hotel, everything is set. You will start working in the next day only, so it’s time to take a walk around Cascais. No need to worry, it’s one of the safest cities in the world. Everything you need is within a walking distance.

When working, a sea view helps everybody to relax and concentrate, so the congress flows and you don’t even notice the time going by. The air conditioning tricks you to forget how hot it is outside. You wish you had remembered to bring beachwear.

Maximise your stay

There are restaurants, bars, shops and traditional commerce, still very present at the village; there is the connection to the sea, the roots of a land which also belongs to the fishermen and the bay from where boats leave for high seas every day; and then there are the streets and alleys of the center, the fortress, museums and gardens. The sum of all this makes a very rich and beautiful historical center frenetic, by day or by night.

MAAT - Museu de Arte

MAAT - Meusea de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia, a museum that is one the futuristic buildings of the capital. Opened in 2016, this museum joins a state-of-the-art building, with signature of Amanda Levete Architects studio, famous for its roof converted into one of the city's viewpoints, and Central Tejo, a former power plant in a 20th-century industrial building, worth of a lengthy visit.
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Casa das Historias Paula Rego

A modern building, designed by the architect and Pritzker award winner Eduardo Souto de Moura, to shelter the works of the artist Paula Rego, in both permanent and temporary exhibitions.
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