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Associations World Congress & Expo

7 – 9 April 2019 Gothenburg, Sweden Congress

Benefits of Attending: Executive Heads

Join the high-level Association Leaders' Forum for strategic content and discussion, or join the Events Strategy Forum or other sessions.

Learn about and gain insights on:

  • How to design and implement a governance framework for a modern association
  • The value of your association's content and how this can be effectively commercialised
  • The association model of the future, based on in-depth research with 50 associations
  • Three very different association transformation stories
  • How you can develop your personal influence as a leader using social media
  • The technological and cultural trends that will drive change for associations

Discuss the themes and topics in extended discussion periods with your high-level peers.

For Executive Heads responsible for event strategy, alternatively participate some or all of the Association Events Strategy Forum on Monday & Tuesday.

  • Hear thought-provoking issues on the purpose of events, their value and the place of association events in the association's offering
  • Analyse the social, cultural and technological changes that are disrupting events and whether and how to embrace them
  • Consider strategic pricing and the issues around pricing methodology and their relationship to costs, for large scale congresses
  • Be inspired by our session on creating the ultimate event for a lasting experience
  • Hear about two of the world's most innovative and exciting events
  • Learn about developing delegate "Personas" as a tool for developing successful programmes
  • Share experiences of disasters and triumphs at our concluding 'campfire' session

What Executive Heads of associations say about the event:

“The Association Leader's Forum is a must-go-to event with world-class speakers, stimulating topics for discussion, and lots of lively debate.“
Greg Tracz, Chief Development Officer
International Hydropower Association

Very useful intelligence on Board Management, based on real experience.   Honesty and frankness and rich hands-on experience of speakers was appreciated.  Enjoyed the mix of macro global topics and hands-off daily management.
Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General
European Federation of Public Cooperative & Social Housing

"A very useful event for growing your membership, improving events and technologies - plus a real opportunity for networking.
Eleonora Azzaro, Chief Operating Officer,
European Association of Animal Production

Useful, well structured, inspirational and informational event for different association's professionals.
Bostjan Skalar, Chief Executive Officer,
World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies

The Association Leader's Forum is a must-go-to event with world-class speakers, stimulating topics for discussion, and lots of lively debate.
Anthony Wilkinson, COO & Director of Operations
Research Quality Association

"The Forum enhances the opportunity to rethink strategic issues in our associations."
Maria Madi, Director
World Economics Association

“This is my fifth time attending and every time I am exposed to new ideas, the most recent trends in the association industry, and meet new contacts.  Overall it has been a great experience for me and my organisation."  
Yassie S. Dunn, Director
American Society of Safety Engineers

"Listening to leaders of other associations - how they overcome the same challenges helps to guide my association into the future. Furthermore I was able to take time network with my colleagues."
Jayr Bass, Executive Director
AOSpine International

A selection of Executive Heads already registered from:

  • International Association for the Study of Pain
  • International Association of Legal Protection Insurers
  • International Association of Providers of AIDS Care
  • World Heart Federation
  • World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine
  • AOSpine
  • European Society of Endocrinology
  • European Society for Dermatological Research
  • European Association Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies (CECIMO)
  • European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians
  • European Assocation of Urology
  • European Federation of National Engineering Associations
  • Audio Visual & Integrated Experience Association
  • South Africa Communications Association
  • RCAF Association
  • The Independent Schools Association