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Associations World Congress & Expo

7 – 9 April 2019 Gothenburg, Sweden Congress

Benefits of Attending: Event Strategists

Join the high-level Association Events Strategy Forum for strategic events executives, including: education, discussion and ideas.

  • Hear thought-provoking issues on the purpose of events, their value and the place of association events in the market
  • Analyse the social, cultural and technological changes that are disrupting events and whether and how to embrace them
  • Consider strategic pricing and the issues around pricing, methods and their relationship to costs for large scale congresses
  • Be inspired by our session on creating the ultimate event for a lasting experience
  • Hear about two of the world's most innovative and exciting events
  • Learn about developing delegate "Personas" as a tool for developing successful programmes
  • Share experiences of disasters and triumphs at our concluding 'campfire' session

Attend other Events topic sessions

For event managers, a range of practical expert sessions:

  • Gain insights into how to work successfully with committees, boards and advisory groups on major events
  • Hear from our sponsorship expert on developing long-term relationships and improving sponsor retention
  • Learn how to address the challenges and risks of launching events in new territories and regions
  • Hear from a leading European medical association how their annual congress reached out to the public
  • Learn more about developing a sustainable event and why sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue


From delegates to previous events:

"Great to see the Forum addressing real-world issue association executives need to address."
Rodney Cox, Events Director, International Gas Union (IGU)

"This congress brings together the right balance of participants : event managers, convention bureaus, technology providers... and it is very enriching as we don't only learn from speakers but also from other participants thanks to the table discussions." 
Laurence Couturier, Head of Events, MedTechEurope

"Fantastic event with great speakers and delegates. Interesting, inspiring presentations and excellent conversations with other attendees."
Lorraine Reese, Head of Conferences and Events, Biochemical Society

"Probably the best event I've attended for event strategists.  Very focused content presented by engaging speakers."
Melanie Boyce, Head of Events, Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining

Registered delegates

A selection of Event Strategists from these organisations have registered:

  • European Industrial Research Management Association
  • European Atherosclerosis Society
  • European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer
  • Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)
  • World Leisure Organisation
  • International Housing Federation
  • AOSpine
  • Shop! Environments Association