Associations UK Congress

31 May – 2 June 2023 Staffordshire, UK Congress

Meet new Suppliers & Services

Critical to the success of all associations is experienced and quality suppliers of services.  Meet new suppliers and also well known suppliers with new, better and different services. The suppliers that take part in this event bring lots of experience with many other associations, and ensure that each new association they work with benefits from this.

  • When delegates accept an invitation to attend the congress, they agree to make six appointments of their choice with participating Suppliers
  • We carefully select suppliers, who are both experienced with and advisors to associations, with years of experience on successful projects, including: events, member services, association technology, eLearning, ePublishing, communications, webcasting, consultancy and many more.
  • Every potential supplier is represented by association experts, with years of experience. As well as receiving requests for quotations, the event is an environment for building relationships, and that is what makes this aspect of the event such a success and very different.

The supplier business partners participating in the event, as of the current date are:


Click on the links below to view the categorized association Business Partners participating.


Events services:


Abstract Management

Association Consultancy

Association Leadership

Association Management services

Association Mobile Apps

Awards Management Technology

Digital Strategy Consultants

Education & Professional Development Services

Exam Management

Executive Training & Coaching

Membership, AMS & CRM systems



Video & Communications

Website, CMS & Design


Event Audio Visual Services & Design

Event Consultants

Event Insurance & Risk Management

Event Management (PCOs) & Consultancy

Event Management & Marketing systems

Event Mobile Apps

Event Online Platforms

Event Streaming & Recording

Event destination cities & regions


Hotels & Hotel groups